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I Installed IKEA’s Mini-Sink — Here’s What I Learned — Small-Space Living

When my husband and I decided to renovate the third floor of our 1890 home in Louisville, Kentucky, we started from scratch. Yes, there was an old sink up there, but there was also some very gross wallpaper — and we didn't keep either.

I was determined to outfit the space (an eventual full-time Airbnb) with interesting finds from architectural salvage shops, flea markets, and auctions. But for everything there is a place, and IKEA has its place in this kitchen under the eaves.

Well, to be fair, perhaps we should call it a kitchenette.


An Honest Review of Those Universal Silicone Lids — Storage Smarts

(Image credit: GIR)

I'm all for reducing waste. I try really hard to reduce my environmental footprint by using reusable materials whenever possible. That means I opt for microfiber cloths over paper towels, glass storage containers over zip-top baggies, and real forks and knives instead of plastic ones whenever I have takeout.

So I was pumped when those universal silicone lids started to hit the market. The premise: The seemingly simple lids sit on top of all sorts of bowls, pots and pans, or baking dishes to create an airtight seal for cooking and storage. Because they're made of silicone, they can go in the freezer, oven, microwave, and more. Plus, you can throw them in the dishwasher when they're dirty. Cool! But I had some questions: Would they work with my existing kitchen stuff, would I actually use them, and are they worth buying? See? So many questions!


We Took IKEA’s New Bike for a Ride. Here’s How It Went. — IKEA

I first saw IKEA's SLADDA cruiser a year ago — in Sweden. I was attending the equivalent of Comic Con for design nerds: IKEA's Democratic Design Days. It was awesome. And the fact that IKEA was now making a bike was the cherry on top. It was so cute, so very IKEA. I imagined pedaling it over to the farmers market to pick up the season's bounty, loading it in my basket, and then peddling home to make tomato galette and mint and snap pea salad.

When, a year later, my bike finally arrived, I was giddy with excitement. And then I opened the box and realized: I'd have to assemble it myself. Well, of course, you might be saying. This is IKEA; some assembly required is basically their company motto.

So, I set about putting together and then taking my new cruiser out for a ride. Here's how it went.


Why Do So Many People Freak Out About Yeti Coolers? — Shopping

I don't know about you, but I've been hearing about Yeti coolers for years. My hardcore camper friends won't head into the woods without one, and most of the reviewers on Amazon treat the cooler as if it can walk on water (of course, if the water had been in the cooler, it'd be ice!).

I had to get my hands on one to see if it was worth the hype — and the money. The brand's most popular cooler is the Tundra 45 model (it also happens to be $350), so that's what I tested out.


I Tried the Click and Grow Herb Garden — Here’s How It Went — Simple Gardens

Although I do most of the cooking and cleaning, I like to joke that my husband is in charge of keeping all the living things in our house alive. He makes sure I eat real meals like a normal human (not just cheese and gummy candies), he feeds our fish and the dog we sometimes babysit, and he's in charge of all our plants.

This division of labor came about after I killed three too many succulents and an air plant. (Seriously, how does one kill an air plant?) It's not entirely my fault, I like to tell myself — the light in our apartment is never the same!

I have also killed every basil kit I've ever tried, yet I was eager try the Smart Herb Garden by Click and Grow. After all, they make it sound so easy! Here's how it went.


Frozen Veggie Burger Taste Test: We Tried 6 Brands to Find the One That’s Right for You — Grocery Taste Test

(Image credit: Kelli Foster)

Long gone are the days of settling for the one or two lone options in the freezer section when you need to pick up a few veggie burgers. These days the selection seems to be ever-growing, with patties for every preference. We tried six popular brands to help you find the veggie burger that's just right for you.


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