20 Five-Ingredient Chicken Dinner Recipes — Recipes from The Kitchn

You need more easy chicken recipes in your life, right? Of course you do. These weeknight recipes prove that it doesn't take a lot to make a totally delicious chicken dinner. Whether juicy thighs speak to your soul or you prefer lean breasts, each one of these easy recipes comes together with no more than five ingredients (you get oil or butter and salt and pepper as freebies).


This One-Pot Ranch Chicken & Rice Is a Weeknight Win — Delicious Links

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Chicken with a side of rice and sautéed spinach sounds like a nice dinner, doesn't it? But cooking all of those elements separately can be a lot to juggle after a long day at work. Enter: this ranch one-pan chicken and rice. The whole is definitely more than the sum of its parts here!


Recipe: Instant Pot Weeknight Chicken and Rice Burrito Bowls — Quick and Easy Weeknight Dinners

We all need a foolproof meal that we can turn to on nights we forget to plan and need to get dinner on the table fast. Inspired by these slow-cooker burrito bowls, this recipe comes together quickly with the help of an electric pressure cooker. With chicken, rice, black beans, and corn, it's a wholesome supper that tastes like it took much longer to make than it actually did.


The Chicken Dinner Playbook: 5 Techniques to Memorize for Quick Weeknight Meals — Recipes from The Kitchn

One of the most priceless lessons I took away from culinary school was the value of really learning and understanding cooking techniques over recipes. There was no emphasis on learning a long list of specific recipes. I've carried this into my own kitchen, and it has changed me as a home cook and how I think about getting meals on the table for my family.

The way I see it is, when you start with a recipe you get a single meal. But learn the basics of a specific cooking technique and add a little inspiration, and you'll see that you can turn that into so many different variations. A perfect example of this is the beloved weeknight chicken dinner. From a sheet pan supper to a sweet and tangy stir-fry, these five weeknight meals build on basic cooking techniques for quick and easy chicken dinners.


The One Thing You Should Do for Better Stir-Fried Chicken — Tips from The Kitchn

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While I am a big fan of tips that get dinner on the table faster, I also love techniques that actually make dinner better — even if that means an extra step or two. Velveting chicken for stir-frying is one instance where I don't mind putting in a little extra time and effort because the end result is so worth it. Velveting will give you tender, juicy chicken every single time you stir-fry.


How To Cook a Whole Chicken in Coconut Milk in the Slow Cooker — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn

(Image credit: Joe Lingeman/The Kitchn)

By now we hope every home cook knows the pure dinnertime pleasure that is chicken in milk. The original dish, credited most popularly to Jamie Oliver, turns a whole chicken into a succulent, fragrant delight with a rich sauce ideal for sopping up with fresh bread.

This riff on that classic technique uses the slow cooker for ease and convenience, and coconut milk for those avoiding dairy or just looking for a flavor upgrade to this splendid supper sensation.


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