A Guide to Telling If Your Turkey Is Thawed Yet — Thanksgiving Tips from The Kitchn

Thawing a turkey is a critical first step in roasting your Thanksgiving turkey. While you should plan a minimum of three days for a standard 12- to 15-pound bird, other factors, like the temperature of your fridge and your turkey's location in that fridge, will affect how long it takes your turkey to actually thaw. There are two ways to determine whether your turkey is completely thawed or not, and a few tips to follow if you find you have a slightly frozen turkey come Thursday.

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Feeling Adventurous? Give Your Turkey a Kick This Thanksgiving. — Delicious Links

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For the most part, Thanksgiving food tends to be a bit bland — but it doesn't have to be that way. If you're looking to spice things up this year instead of playing it safe, this chile-rubbed turkey is the way to go.

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The Turkey Game Plan — Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving week is finally here, which means it's time to get your turkey ready for the big day. Whether it's your first time cooking a turkey or you've tackled it a few times before, this is the day-by-day plan that will set you up for success. From thawing a frozen turkey to roasting, carving, and beyond, this is what you need to know.

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3 Ways to Serve Turkey at a Small Thanksgiving Gathering — Thanksgiving Tips from The Kitchn

If your Thanksgiving is a small-scale celebration, cooking a whole turkey for just a few people feels like overkill. No need to skip the turkey — just rethink your cooking strategy. Here are three ways to serve turkey this Thanksgiving without cooking the whole bird.

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How To Roast a Turkey Upside Down — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn

Roasting a large turkey for Thanksgiving is challenging for even the most seasoned home cooks. There are the logistics of storing and thawing a 10-plus-pound orb of frozen poultry and then figuring out the per-pound math for roasting your particular turkey. You also have two different meats — light, tender breast meat prone to overcooking, and dark meat that needs extra time.

A simple solution to that last obstacle? Flip the bird over and roast it breast-side down. While this technique won't give you a picture-perfect turkey, it will protect the white meat from drying out, while cooking the thigh meat faster. Roasting a turkey upside down is just as simple as it sounds.

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How To Carve a Turkey in One Minute — Videos from The Kitchn

So, we've showed you how to choose a turkey, and how to roast it. But how do you carve it? In this quick video, we show you how to slice up that big bird! We get it all done in just one minute, thanks to the magic of video (it's OK if it takes you a little longer!). One minute, five minutes, 10 minutes — it doesn't really matter how long it takes to carve the turkey; but in the end, we think this tutorial will help it go just a bit smoother.

Ready to get your carving skills on? Follow along!

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