5 Reasons You Should Always Buy a Rotisserie Chicken — Shopping

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Have you ever wondered why the readymade, warm-and-waiting-for-you rotisserie chicken at grocery stores is so cheap? At Whole Foods, for example, a rotisserie chicken costs $8.99 on a regular day and just $6.99 on Wednesdays. And here's another fun fact: Costco alone sells something like 70 million a year — and they do so at a financial loss.

So, what gives?

An exhaustive story in Priconomics last year explained that the reason the rotisserie chickens seems so cheap is that they are usually smaller than the similarly priced cold ones in your grocery store's refrigerator section. Even still, we'd argue rotisserie chicken is always a good deal. Here are five reasons why.


You Need This Crispy Skillet Chicken with Pesto in Your Life — Delicious Links

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Looking for a way to jazz up your basic chicken repertoire? This recipe is just the ticket. Crispy chicken thighs are always a crowd-pleaser, but this meal calls for a scene-stealing, umami-packed pesto that'll totally put a little pep in your dinner step.


10 (5-Ingredient) Chicken Dinners for the Week Ahead — Recipe Roundup

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Guys, great news! Getting a wholesome, satisfying meal on the table without spending hours in the kitchen is totally possible. The key is choosing recipes with short ingredient lists. Maybe you've skipped over these simple recipes in the past, thinking they can't possibly be flavorful, but you can certainly pack a punch with a few strategic ingredients and cooking methods.

These 10 chicken recipes call for five ingredients or fewer (not counting olive oil, salt, and pepper, as those are pantry staples we all keep at home). Bookmark them for nights when you need to make a delicious, protein-packed dinner on the fly.


30 Easy Chicken Dinner Recipes for Busy Weeknights — Recipes from The Kitchn

Chicken tends to be on a weekly rotation at the dinner table for a few reasons: It's easy, budget-friendly, and always pleases hungry eaters at the end of a long day. But because we turn to chicken so frequently, it's inevitable that it gets a little boring. No worries — here are 30 chicken recipes you may have never cooked before. They happen to be as simple and satisfying as your tried-and-true standbys, but are a fresh take on the weeknight-roster regular.


This One-Pan Chicken & Zucchini Is Ready in Under 30 Minutes — Delicious Links

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Hello, weeknight warrior! This recipe is for you. With only five minutes of prep time and 20 minutes of cook time, this buttery, garlicky, herby chicken and zucchini dish comes together in one pan.


Recipe: The Best Pesto Chicken Salad — Quick and Easy Lunch Recipes

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Over the years I've perfected a version of homemade pesto chicken salad after ordering it countless times at any number of restaurants. It pairs fresh pesto with sun-dried tomatoes with shredded chicken — the ideal preparation for catching all the bits of herbs, cheese, and nuts that makes this recipe the best.


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