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The One Thing I Always Buy When I Go to the Farmers Market — Farmers Market Supper

Farmers markets are always an embarrassment of riches. So much cheese! Local honey! Fresh bread! And all that farm-fresh produce, of course. Sometimes I'll go with a super-long shopping list and buy up all the things. Sometimes I'll go with no list and still buy up all the things. And sometimes I'll leave nearly empty-handed, buying just one thing.

What's that one thing? A bundle of flowers!


Our Best Mother’s Day Gift Idea: A Better Bouquet — Mother’s Day Gift Guide

The party problem: It's Mother's Day! And you have zero presents to give your mom! You could stop at the supermarket and get her flowers, but eh — you want to do something a little more creative and fun for her. (She deserves it!) Oh, and she's allergic to flowers anyway.

The party trick: Swing by your local kitchen store to pick up a bunch of super-colorful tools and turn them into a cute makeshift bouquet.


6 Tips for Making Fresh Flowers Last Longer — Tips from The Kitchn

I love getting fresh flowers — hint, hint, husband! — but what I don't love is how quickly they fade. I hate getting a gorgeous bouquet, only to toss it a few days later when the petals start to brown, the leaves are drooping, and the water has turned into a murky mess. And the smell! There are few smells worse than a vase stew of rotting stems and leaves.

But with a little maintenance and a few tricks, you can get extra days of enjoyment out of your cut flowers. Here are a few things you can do to keep your bouquet looking fresh for longer.


Love St. Germain? 5 Floral Liqueurs to Try Next. — Kitchn Craves

Ever since St. Germain stormed the cocktail world a decade ago, it's been beloved by bartenders and bar-goers alike. The elderflower liqueur strikes a balance between floral and fruity, with notes of peach, pear, and melon backing up the delicate flavor of the elderflower. Its ability to work with practically any base spirit, and to make any so-so cocktail pop, earned it the nickname "bartender's ketchup."

If you love St. Germain, you might be interested in these other floral liqueurs that'll add a bit of the garden to your drink.


3 Greens That Make Easy (and Pretty) Centerpieces — I dream of green

Well, it's not peony season at Trader Joe's just yet. And ranunculus and anemone aren't particularly cheap or plentiful either, so what's a girl supposed to do for a dinner party centerpiece? You could go the route of supermarket carnations or roses, but if you're looking to try something a little different and springy, why not give plants a go? Greenery is the Pantone Color of the Year, after all.

Follow these bloggers' leads for your next gathering.


8 of the Best House Plants for the Kitchen — I Dream of Green

No matter what color your thumb happens to be, you can probably keep these plants alive in your kitchen. And you should want to give it a shot: Not only do household plants serve as beautiful and sustainable home decor, but they can also help purify your air and increase humidity (a particularly appealing benefit in the dry winter months). Plus, studies find that office plants increase morale and productivity — two things we can all get more of in the kitchen.

Consider bringing one of these plants into your kitchen. They're all pretty easy to care for, which means you can't really mess this up.


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