This Sweet Potato & Salami Pizza Is Perfect for Dinner Tonight — Delicious Links

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If you celebrate Pizza Night every Friday, then you've probably tried plenty of different pizza toppings over the years. Maybe you've had tandoori chicken pizza, chicken Caesar pizza, rainbow pizza, breakfast pizza, or saag paneer pizza, but have you ever topped your pizza with sweet potato and salami?


The Internet Is Freaking Out Over People Dipping Pizza in Milk — On Trend

Weird food pairings are unique to each person. Some people insist on dipping ruffles in cream cheese, while others loyally stand by eating fries with ranch. But every now and then a pairing comes around that enrages the masses. Right now, the upsetting combination is pizza and milk.

Yes, people are dipping their pizza in milk.

Munchies reports that Twitter user @hyrulecitizen first shared an image of dunking a slice of pepperoni pizza in milk. In theory, this should not be so offensive since cheese is a primary pizza topping and milk is a dairy product just like cheese. The internet, however, begs to differ.


5 Finds for the Ultimate Pizza Party — Kitchn Craves

The best thing about a pizza party is that it is so darn versatile. You can throw one for a 5th birthday or one for a 35th birthday. You can totally dress it down for a low-key affair or go all out with artisanal pies for a fancier bash. You can order pizza for a party at home or bring it in to a bar or fun space (as long as you have permission!). You don't even have to plan ahead all that much.

If you have time, though, perhaps you'd like to consider some of these cute pizza-themed party supplies.


Need an Easy, Fun Birthday Party Idea? The Monster Pizza Party Is It — Birthday of the Month

When my husband and I added to our family, we had no idea how much we'd lean on friends, families, and even coworkers during the first year. We wanted to include as many folks as possible when we celebrated our second-born's first birthday, but we also had a budget and tight schedule to work around — and that's how a Monster Pizza Party became the theme for one of the most fun and successful kids' parties we've celebrated to date.


Why My Week Always Includes a Pizza Night — Meal Planning for Beginners

Pizza Friday is a well-loved weekly event in our family. To be honest, I can't remember why or how we started it, but I do know that having this day on the calendar each week has not only brought joy to my children, but also a little more sanity to my meal planning. Friday night pizza serves two important and seemingly unrelated purposes: clearing out the fridge and holding space for family time.


7 Reasons You Should Throw a Pizza Party for Any Birthday — Birthday of the Month

The key to not stressing out about a birthday party is simple: Just serve pizza. There are so many reasons you should serve pizza at your next party — and basically no reasons not to.


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