PSA: “Self-Care” Does Not Mean Sitting on Your Couch with a Pile of French Fries (All the Time) — Kitchn Rant

Hi, my name is Arie and I am an anxious person. In my never-ending pursuit to quiet my mind and — you know — try to relax or something, I've thought a lot about self-care. I always thought I "took care" of myself, until I realized sometime last year that I was definitely doing no such thing. I still had anxiety, I still felt like crap, and I still wasn't treating myself very well.

So what was I actually doing when I thought I was practicing self-care? The internet as a whole has a pretty confusing way of looking at the subject. We're "busy" so we're told to take it easy and order delivery instead of cook. We're "stressed" so we're told to "treat yo' self" with all the ice cream and french fries we want. Both of these things are wonderful (I mean, I love french fries!), but they shouldn't always be treated as self-care.

This internet's idea of self-care is, in fact, bullshit — you're doing more harm to yourself than good if you follow the advice laid out on Instagram.


Why I’ll Always Choose Hotels Over Vacation Homes — Family Vacation

When I had kids, I was told my longstanding relationship with hotels was over. So long, lavender-scented cold towels! Bye-bye, crisp sheets! See ya, infinity pool! Arrivederci, lobby bar of my dreams! It was nice knowing you. Based on the advice of many parents I know, vacation homes seemed to be the only option in the 2.0 version of my life. "When you have a family, it's just easier with a kitchen, you'll see," they told me.

Yet, having experienced both lodging types with kids, I don't "see." Seriously, why do I "need" a kitchen on vacation? So I can grocery shop? So I can cook? So I can wash dishes? So I can clean countertops? Just, no.


This Is What You Should Always Order as a Wedding Guest — Ultimate Summer Wedding Guide

Deciding whether or not you're going to go to a wedding is never the hard part. This is your former coworker's sister's best friend we're talking about. You wouldn't miss it for the world! You even know what you're going to wear! The hard part? Figuring out which box to check for your seated dinner. Do you want the chicken, fish, steak, or the vegetarian option?

How are you supposed to know what you'll want to eat on a Saturday in September? You're not even sure what you want for dinner tonight!

As someone who used to work at a wedding magazine and someone who has attended a few dozen weddings (in just the last couple of years), I have formed my very own strong opinion: The vegetarian option is always the best.


Let’s Stop “Hiding” Vegetables and Embrace Putting Them in Everything — You’re a Parent Now

I have a simple request: Can we get rid of the term "hiding," as it refers to putting vegetables into food your kids love? The act of putting broccoli in banana bread may seem sneaky but really, it's a totally justifiable way of stacking the deck to make sure your kid actually has some fiber.


Why Bacon Is the Most Economical Way to Eat Meat — Meat Market

(Image credit: American Meat Institute )

A few weeks ago, I had a very illuminating conversation with a few friends on bacon.

We got on the topic because we were talking about meal planning, and how it's been the answer to budgeting and cooking fatigue. Everyone in the car was newly or nearly 30, so it felt like an all-around appropriate conversation to have.

Then my friend Allison, a person who always teaches me something new about cooking with her elegant and effortless way of going about it, described how once she started eating meat again, bacon became her key to stress-free weeknight meals. Her recipe for beans and greens starts with "one pound bomb-ass bacon, cut up into large bits and sautéed in a cast iron skillet until crispy; drain and save half the liquid fat for cooking and leave the rest with the bacon."

Another friend brought up Brussels sprouts and bacon. Later, I had a friend call asking about a way to use up the bacon fat she had saved from a string of weekend brunches. We are all talking about bacon as a component of a meal, as the starter or a topping. For some, it was the only meat they ever really got around to making. My own cooking habits are similar — bacon, for the most part, is seasoning and condiment and never really the star. Why and how we made these choices that led us to cook with bacon this way was certainly a function of flavor, but cost was pacing at the same level of priority. So I asked everyone this: Is bacon the most economical way to eat meat?

I got yeses all around.


Why My Stand Mixer Will Never Replace My Hand Mixer — Appliance Love

Despite my excitement about bringing home the cherry-red stand mixer I coveted for so long, the strangest thing happened: I couldn't seem to part ways with my hand mixer. By all accounts it should have been time to toss it; it had definitely seen better days. That little mixer was on its last leg, and it was a wonder it was still functioning. But I held onto it, and tucked it away in the closet "just in case."


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