17 Alcohol-Free Mocktails, Punches, and Spritzes for Patio Season — Recipes from The Kitchn

Summer wouldn't be summer without plenty of lazy afternoons and evenings on the front porch and patio potlucks galore. It is your signal to break out the colorful straws and be sure there's plenty of ice at the ready, because if there's one thing these summer gatherings deserve it's cool spritzes, punches, and mocktails that will delight the whole crowd. Go beyond the usual iced tea and lemonade to stir up one of these made-for-summer drinks, destined to be a new favorite.

From a fizzy tea-inspired mocktail to an herby watermelon punch, count on these drinks to keep you and your pals cool.


15 Fast & Fruity Breakfast Smoothies — Recipes from The Kitchn

Smoothies are the answer when you need a healthy breakfast and you need it fast. They come together in a matter of minutes and make sure you start your day with a healthy helping of fruits and veggies. Throw in some protein and you've got a morning meal that will keep you satisfied until lunchtime.

We especially love smoothies this time of year, when berries are showing up at the farmers market and warmer temperatures mean a cool, refreshing drink is just the thing you want. From a raspberry and almond butter duo to a sunny lemon smoothie, these 15 smoothies deliver a fresh and fruity breakfast.


25 Easy & Festive Drinks to Stir Up for Mother’s Day Brunch — Recipes from The Kitchn

If you're hosting Mother's Day brunch this year, you know that just as important as the food being served are the drinks for mom and everyone else in the family to be enjoying out in the sunshine. These 25 drinks are extra festive and ideal for toasting mom — whether you go for a twist on classic mimosas, fruity sangria, or crowd-pleasing mocktails.


Our Best Tips for Throwing an Awesome Celebration for Drinkers and Non-Drinkers — Sober Celebration

When you think of a celebration, you might automatically think of Champagne. And, to you, a Saturday night gathering among friends may seem incomplete without several bottles of wine.

But only 56 percent of people reported that they drank in the past month, according to the most recent National Survey on Drug Use and Health. That leaves plenty of people who didn't have a sip of booze.

Our point? One can cheers to something or enjoy the weekend without booze. Here are some tips for making the night fun for drinkers and non-drinkers alike — whether you're throwing the party or going to one.

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10 Ways to Make a Fast and Fancy 3-Ingredient Mocktail — 10 Tiny Recipes

Juice, soda, and seltzer are just fine, but let's be honest with ourselves — we can do so much better when it comes to serving up non-boozy drinks. And what might surprise you is that it really takes very little effort. Each one of these mocktails is easy to stir together, full of flavor, and just as refreshing as it is pretty. Here are 10 fresh mocktails that feel a little fancy, are totally fun to sip on, and come together with just three basic ingredients.


Recipe: Fizzy Basil Lemonade Mocktail — 3-Ingredient Recipes

(Image credit: Lauren Volo)

Your meal plan might not include pesto or an herby salad, but you're gonna wanna grab a big bunch of basil anyway. Along with a splash of fizzy seltzer, it's the sweet, herbal ingredient that elevates everyday lemonade into an impressive mocktail. Mix this up for those lazy days on the porch or a dinner with your neighbors. A few bubbles and herbs have a way of making any glass of lemonade feel elevated. Here's how to make this refreshing booze-free drink.


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