4 Snack-Packing Tips for Long Flights — Travel Tips from the Kitchn

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Last week I returned from a trip of a lifetime. My fiancé and I spent almost two weeks soaking up the beauty of South Africa. It was a such an incredible vacation that we're already plotting our return, if we're ever so lucky in the future. The only negative part was, well, the flight. I've been on 10- and even 12-hour flights before, but this was by far the longest I've endured. Book the nonstop from New York City's John F. Kennedy airport to Johannesburg's O. R. Tambo airport, like we did, and you're in for a solid 15-hour flight.


10 Quick & Colorful Ways to Top Chicken Breast — 3-Ingredient Upgrades

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A golden, pan-seared chicken breast is a weeknight savior. A staple in many a dinner rotation, its versatility means you can turn to it for countless meals without getting sick of it — as long as you dress it up. Sometimes, that's as simple as changing up the toppings. Here's how to give chicken breast a fresh and flavorful upgrade in every color of the rainbow.


A Meaty Snack Board That Doubles as Dinner — Snack Your Way Through the Holidays

Have you ever ordered the charcuterie board at a restaurant for dinner, but still found yourself hungry after splitting it with two or three friends? They're delicious for sure, but rarely meant to be a full-on meal on their own. So when we're putting together a meaty snack board for dinner, we're going for hearty and wholesome in addition to quick and easy. Our board is filled with meats, pickles, and veggies and assembled in about 15 minutes after a quick grocery store pit-stop on the way home from work.

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A Gluten-Free Snack Board for Everyone — Snack Your Way Through the Holidays

This holiday season, there's a strong possibility you might be cooking, baking, or buying something gluten-free. Perhaps it's for yourself or a family member or friend. That's why if you're making up a tray of snacks for dinner — basically our favorite way to "cook dinner" and casually entertain around the holidays — it's good to have a gluten-free number up your sleeve that everyone can enjoy.

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Recipe: Eggo Waffle Stuffing — Stranger Thanksgiving

Going home for the holidays is like going to the upside-down, back in time to when the world still felt strange and new. Welcome to Stranger Thanksgiving, inspired by Netflix's hit Stranger Things and the Thanksgivings of our childhoods.

We set out to create a Thanksgiving menu inspired by Stranger Things and our nostalgia for the kitchens of our childhoods. As we forge our own family traditions, we're updating the iconic side dishes of Thanksgiving past with a few new cult classics.

This waffle stuffing borrows some cooking techniques from the beloved Stove Top stuffing, popular in the '70s and '80s, and Eleven's beloved frozen Eggo waffles. Try this quirky-yet-delicious stuffing at this year's Friendsgiving or make room for it on the Thanksgiving table. Next to a Coke-glazed upside-down turkey, who can resist such a strong nod to Netflix and nostalgia?

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Recipe: Coke-Glazed Upside-Down Turkey — Recipes from The Kitchn

Many of the things we love about the '80s-inspired Duffer Brothers' series Stranger Things are the same things we love about Thanksgiving: a longing for our old family traditions as we also embrace building new ones. There's a distinct sense of time and place deeply rooted in our memories that this television show taps into. It's all strangely familiar in a way that makes it both comforting and scary at the same time.

At the center of both these stories is a Demogorgon. In Stranger Things we know this as the Monster from the Upside Down, often unseen as he looms in darkness. On our Thanksgiving table, the turkey is much the same, a monster to cook, which at once terrifies us and draws us in.

Instead of being intimidated by the monstrous bird, we must face it head-on as Eleven does her own demon, literally flipping the turkey upside down and enrobing it in a dark glaze that is both a nod to this series and to our own '80s nostalgia.

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