Market Roundup

The 6 Best Slow Cookers, According to Our Readers — Shopping

It seems like there are as many slow cookers on the market as there are slow cooker recipes on the internet. How do you know which slow cooker is best to buy? There are so many to choose from! We have four different models just in our photo studio!

So how can you tell which Crock-Pot is worth your money? You could take a chance with an Amazon bestseller, or you could do what we did and crowdsource Kitchn readers. We asked you guys on Facebook to tell us what slow cookers you all have (and love!) at home. These are the ones that came up again and again.


The Best Halloween Couples Costumes at Party City — Shopping

Part of the fun of dressing up for Halloween is having someone who's in on it with you, which is why we're big fans of couples costumes. This year, if you want to channel your favorite combinations of foods, Party City has a bunch that are cute and affordable.

Finally, you can prove to everyone once and for all that you and your beloved go together just like bacon and eggs!


These Adorable Kiddie Halloween Costumes from Target Are $30 or Less — Shopping

If your kids love food as much as you do, it only makes sense to dress them up as a delicious treat. These food-themed costumes are all from Target and all cost $30 or less. Plus, it'll be super easy to fit layers underneath all of them, which is a good thing, considering we have no idea what this wacky weather will be like by the end of the month.


Beyond RASKOG: 8 Pantry-Organizing Products from IKEA For $10 or Less — Shopping

When it comes to finding inexpensive storage solutions for your home, IKEA is a great place to start. The same is true when we're talking about pantries, specifically. The last thing anyone wants to do is spend a ton of money on stuff that's gonna get hidden away in a tiny room that very few people will ever see, right?

The pantry solutions at IKEA are affordably priced, smart, and not terrible to look at (should guests end up hanging out in your pantry during your next dinner party). Here are our favorites — none of them are the RASKOG cart (because you already know about that) and all of them happen to be $10 or less.


Our Favorite Kitchen Shelves from the Container Store — Shopping

We can't hide it anymore: We love the Container Store. We'd marry it if we could. Or more realistically, we'd just spend hours wandering the aisles, geeking out over different-sized containers and trying to decide which drawer organizers we like best (all of them!).

Whether you share our love for TCS (as we affectionately call it) or just need some new shelves, this list of the store's best shelves should help you get your kitchen organized.


The 7 Cooking Tools Real College Students Say They Couldn’t Live Without — Shopping

As anyone who has been a college student (or has shopped for a college student) knows, collegiate life requires a lot of stuff. Decking out a dorm room can be a blast (hello, new school supplies and decor!) but also a bit of a puzzle. What should you leave at home? What's going to help you live most effectively in a snug room with a stranger for the next year? How will you fuel up when you're too busy — or tired — to get to the dining hall?

To answer the last question, we asked real college students to weigh in. Here's what they said help them the most while living that dorm life.


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