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How To Make Easy Brown Rice in the Oven — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn

If brown rice is your nemesis, there is one method I think you'll agree is a winner: cooking brown rice in the oven. We're so used to cooking rice on the stovetop that I know sticking it in the oven can sound a little odd, but I swear by this method. It takes a little more time, but you can make a larger batch, and the even, steady heat of the oven works magic on stubborn grains of brown rice. Here's what to do.


20 Make-Ahead Lunches in a Bowl — Recipes from The Kitchn

What is it about lunches that make them such a challenge? Whether you are packing a lunch just for you, or trying to fill the lunch boxes of your whole family, it can be easy to get into a rut and pack the same thing every day.

Take this as your wake-up call to serve up something new for lunch. The best part about these grain salads and other single-bowl ideas is that they can all be made ahead, and require minimal day-of assembly. A lunch that's easy and delicious? Sign us up!


Recipe: Spicy Maple-Sriracha Beef Jerky — Snack Recipes from The Kitchn

While many might associate beef jerky with Slim Jims or gnawing on tough pieces of dried meat while hiking and camping, my first tastes of jerky were of the Asian variety, which is softer, moist, and sweet. I have fond memories of the bright-red box of Chinese beef jerky in my grandmother's snack drawer; here's my simple homemade version in her honor.


Recipe: Savory Grits Breakfast Parfaits — On-the-Go Breakfast Recipes from The Kitchn

Every corner café or coffee shop probably has a stack of beautiful yogurt parfaits layered with fruit and granola, ready for you to grab and go. But what about people like me, who like savory instead of sweet for breakfast? Loaded with sausage, cheese, and spinach, this grits parfait is just as gorgeous as its sweet counterparts.


Recipe: Chocolate-Cherry Granola Muffins — On-the-Go Breakfast Recipes from The Kitchn

Let's talk about the differences between muffins and cupcakes. Cupcakes are treats or desserts, covered with heaps of frosting, but muffins should be just a touch sweet and full of good-for-you things that make an acceptable breakfast. That's where these muffins — filled with dried cherry and oat-filled granola — come in!


Recipe: Classic Stuffed Shells — Make-and-Take Recipes from Casey Barber

You don't have to be Italian to appreciate the bake-and-serve simplicity of a big plate of stuffed shells. It's the kind of Sunday supper that transcends tradition to make everyone happy. So when you've got a whole mess of people to feed, this is the dish that benefits both host and guests. There's no unexpected additions of spinach to keep picky eaters away, and no hidden meat, so vegetarians will be happy. (Although that's not to say you couldn't sub in some sautéed greens or sausage if you wanted!)


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