5 Kitchen Safety Posters that Make Us Laugh — Kitchen Hang-Ups

(Image credit: Jason O'Malley)

In some cities (including New York City), restaurants are required by law to display step-by-step instructions on how to save someone from choking. The local governments and health departments often supply free prints, which restaurant owners can order and hang. (Here's one for NYC.)

There is no law, however, that states the posters can't be fun and a bit more creative. That's why some artists have been reinventing the posters with all the pertinent info — and a little more personality. The best part: You can buy some of these for your own kitchen.

Remember: Choking is no joke, but these posters are pretty funny.


In Defense of Keeping Stuff You Never Use — Smart Spring Cleaning

I live in what is, by all reasonable standards, a very small apartment. I say this not to complain — I like my apartment! — but only to suggest that I am not necessarily in a position to devote an entire cabinet to an ice cream maker that I have never used.

But there it sits, a full-sized ice cream maker, in a cabinet above my three-quarter sized fridge, where it has rested, untouched by milk or sugar, for approximately six years.


Scrabble & Margaritas: The Best Drinks for Any Game Night — Fun and Games

I love playing hostess any night of the week, but my favorite party to throw is, hands-down, a game night. An entertaining and relaxing way to spend time with friends and family, game nights are the perfect opportunity to get together, unwind, and have fun without the pressures of a formal dinner or cocktail party.

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All you really need for a successful game night? Games, yes. And some friends. The last thing? Drinks! You can do some simple beers or wine — or you can try to pair a signature cocktail with the night.

Whether it has a vague nod to the game, or it'll just help keep players on track, here are some suggested pairings for whatever board you're unboxing.


This May Be the Oldest Food Trivia Question of All Time — Word of Mouth

Oh, the chicken-and-egg dilemma: Start thinking about it too much, and it's mind-bendingly philosophical.

It's little surprise, then, that the "chicken or the egg" question's roots actually stretch as far back as Aristotle.

As an idiom, though, we know "chicken or the egg?" was in regular use by the mid-1800s, says Jane Solomon, lexicographer at, who dug through loads of history to help answer this question for us.


Offensive Things People Say to Vegans Without Realizing It — Everyday Vegetarian

I'm not a vegan, but I know plenty of folks who have eliminated animal products from their diets. I'd like to think I've always had an appropriate reaction — or at least, not a totally horrendous one.

To be sure, I've asked a bunch of my vegan friends to share some of the worst things people have ever said to them. Turns out, I think I've responded pretty well considering some of these real-life quotes.


5 Cloudy Finds to Brighten These April Showers — Kitchn Craves

It's April showers! Which means most of you are counting down the days until it's May flowers. It may technically be spring, but this rainy time of year doesn't always have the best weather — or get a lot of love.

Along with whatever it is that's happening in the sky, we couldn't help but notice a bunch of cloud-related kitchen gear rolling in lately. No matter what the weatherman says, these fun finds might be enough to brighten up the rest of the month. We predict you'll want to bring them into your kitchen.


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