Words of Joy: On Ice Cream and Cardio — Make More Good

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We're not the best at math (unless it's figuring out how many cups of chocolate chips need to go into a batter: all of them!), but this is one mathematical diagram we not only understand, but also 100 percent agree with. It's basically more true than the idea that 1 + 1 = 2.


Help These Women Find a “Generic Father Figure” for Their Backyard BBQ — Father’s Day

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Father's Day is coming up and if you, like so many others, are looking for a way to celebrate the awesome fathers (and father figures) in your life, you might want to go for the barbecue idea. After all, what says "Father's Day" more than dad at the grill wearing a "kiss the cook" apron, cracking open an ice-cold beer, and grilling up tons of burgers, beers, and brats?

That's just what a group of would-be Father's Day BBQ-ers in Spokane, Washington think. Except they need a dad to fulfill that iconic role. Although all members of the group can operate a grill, Father's Day cookouts require so much more than that, don't they? They really require that All-American, quintessential dad. Even if it's not your dad, such an affair requires a Dad with a capital D.

Enter: Craigslist.


No, Chocolate Milk Does Not Come from Brown Cows — Food News

Do you know where chocolate milk comes from? The seemingly insulting question is a valid query, as a good chunk of people are supposedly in the dark about where chocolate milk is sourced from. (Spoiler alert: It's not brown cows.)


The Food Words Americans Can’t Spell, According to Google — Food News

When you don't know how to spell a word, one of the fastest ways to verify the spelling is to hit up Google for a quick search. Now, Google is using your search data to reveal what words Americans are struggling to spell — just in time for National Spelling Bee week.

Google shared America's most misspelled words on Twitter with a color map showing what residents of each state struggle with the most. Ironically, the map misspelled the word "ninety" with "nintey."


Bad News for Vegetarians: You Shouldn’t Eat These 7 Cheeses — Food News

Blissfully ignorant vegetarians had their hearts broken this week when they learned Parmigiano-Reggiano is not really vegetarian. Well, not technically at least. It doesn't have meat in the traditional sense, but the beloved cheese, which is a staple garnish and ingredient for an array of foods, is made with calf rennet.


This Is Apparently the Most Popular “Sandwich” Recipe on Pinterest — On Trend

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Since the dawn of time there have been debates as to what truly qualifies something as a "sandwich." We can't forget last year when Merrian-Webster declared that a hot dog is technically a sandwich (blasphemy). And according to NY State Department of Taxation and Finance, burritos are also considered sandwiches (just, no). Is nothing sacred anymore?

Now Pinterest users are throwing their feelings into the ring with what should and shouldn't qualify as a sandwich. The most popular "sandwich" on the platform right now is essentially just cucumber slices, cheese, and roast beef. Yes, that's it. It's been saved an incredible 800,000 times on the platform.


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