Hero Mom “Dresses” Her Daughter in Clothing Good Enough to Eat — So Cute

When I was in elementary school, my mom sewed a lot of my clothes. She was especially into food-themed dresses, as was I. There was a picnic table dress with sandwich buttons, and a watermelon-printed dress with tiny watermelon wedge appliques, among others. I really thought I was all that and a bag of (sour cream and onion) chips.

Well, there's a new food clothing queen now, and although she's probably too young for entering the third grade or even reading, she's taking the social media world by storm. The most inspiring part of this is that most of her clothing would barely even really cover her left foot.


10 People Share Their Worst Summer Food Job Experiences — Summer Jobs

Working a food job in the summer is a rite of passage for many, but as anyone will tell you it's not all scooping ice cream and flirting with the cuties at the pizza parlor. Some of these summer jobs are plain gross, outrageous, funny, or downright weird. We asked 10 brave souls to tell us their strange and (sometimes) awful experiences with their short-lived summer jobs. Can you relate?


The Most Ridiculous Food-Themed Pool Floats Money Can Buy — Birthday of the Month

What's your favorite food? Pizza? Breakfast? Avocado toast? No matter what your answer is, chances are there's a pool toy ready to float your boat during your next summer party. The trend started about four summers ago with just a frosted doughnut and a few other food-themed items, and now there are enough options to build an entire diner menu. A random menu, but a menu nonetheless.

Here are some of the most ridiculous food-themed pool floats.


Do You Share This Ridiculous Cleaning Habit? — Cleaning & Organizing

I'm writing this post on Sunday evening and I have a lot of work to do. Like, a lot. But instead of doing it, I spent the last three hours cleaning my house. And it wasn't just any cleaning session — I set off on the deepest deep-clean my house has had in weeks.

This little routine has a name in my house: I call it procrasti-cleaning.


Martha Stewart’s Life Is Getting the Musical Treatment, Because of Course — Pop Culture

After giving the lives of Anna Wintour and Andy Cohen the Broadway treatment, Ryan Raftery is slated to take on Martha Stewart in a play this summer in New York City. Titled The Rise and Fall (and Rise) of Martha Stewart, the third installment of the "Titans of Media" trilogy reportedly took nine months of research and preparation.


Troll Cakes Turn Cyberbullying into a Sweet Treat — Pop Culture

(Image credit: Troll Cakes)

The bitter words of an internet troll can be tough to swallow, but a New York City baker is trying to change that.

Kat Thek, founder of bakery and detective agency Troll Cakes, has made a business of baking cakes featuring the words of an internet troll. Customers simply provide an address and the quote and leave the rest to Thek, who bakes a cake, writes the comment using frosting or fondant, and mails it to the intended verbal cyberbully. For $35 you can deliver sweet revenge.


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