From Classy to Trashy, a Ranking of the Best Peach Things — Peachy Keen

All month long on Kitchn we've been talking about the delicious ways to eat a peach. Some peaches are better for different occasions, as Assistant Food Editor Kelli Foster notes in her post about the best peaches to buy for the right moment. We've also given you various recipes, including this gluten-free crisp and this almond peach pit milk (!!!) that you need to make in the next month if you know what's good for you. It's mostly been a practical guide for the peach-lover in all of us.

Well, now that we've given you some non-judgmental options, it's time to lay down some cold hard facts about how peaches sit in our cultural zeitgeist. If you want something delicious and classy, there are only a few peaches that fit the bill, and you need to know about them. We've ranked all the various ways to eat a peach for you in our very scientific matrix that definitely wasn't just some arbitrary thing that I decided to work on. Read this and go forth knowing exactly what you should make and eat this summer.


A Giant Watermelon Towel Is What Your Summer Has Been Missing — Shopping

Your Instagram feed is probably full of photos of pool floats that look like food, no? (Is that why they call it a feed?) Perhaps you've even posted a few of those pics yourself? We love an oversized slice of pizza, so we can't blame you or anyone else. In fact, we can only encourage you to keep the kitsch going with some equally cute food-themed towels for when you're on dry land.

There are tons of beach towels that make us think of the kitchen (the best place to think of!) and our current favorite is this giant watermelon towel.


5 Shark Gadgets for Anyone Obsessed with Shark Week — Kitchn Craves

Shark! Shark Week, that is! Discovery's week-long celebration kicks off on Sunday, July 23 at 7 p.m. Of course, you probably already knew that. After all, it's the single greatest week of the year — if you love sharks.

While we're all for sitting on the couch for a week, binging all shows shark-related, you've gotta eat too. Luckily for you, there are tons of shark-themed gadgets that you can use to deck out your kitchen. Just try not to go too overboard. (See what we did there?)


This Just Might Be the Coolest Pool Party Game of All Time — Shopping

(Image credit: Urban Outfitters)

Your friends can post all the pizza and doughnut pool float pictures they want. We've got something even better. Have you seen this Hot Dog Joust Pool Game at Urban Outfitters? Not only is it food-themed, which we'll always love, but it also just looks like a boatload of fun — way more fun than just lounging there on a giant inflatable ice cream cone.


You’ve Been Pouring Juice Wrong Your Entire Life — Life in the Kitchen

When pouring orange juice from the carton, most people intuitively put the plastic spout as close to the glass as possible. This results in the infamous glugging approach, where your juice splatters within the glass and makes a "glug glug" noise. Not cool.

Well, I'm here to tell you that if this is your approach to pouring juice out of a carton — or really any liquid from a carton — you've been doing it wrong your entire life. There's actually a better way that is splatter- and glug-free.

First and foremost, the right way to pour out of a carton is to hold the carton so the spout is on the top, further away from the rim of the drinking vessel. This results in a clean pour without any splatter or alarming noises, as showcased by YouTube personality Crazy Russian Hacker.


A Short History of Your Life, Told in Cherries — Cherry Checklist

You can define any period of your life based on certain things: the clothes you wore, your favorite bands, your hairstyle, and even what kind of cherries (or cherry-flavored things) you liked. It sounds crazy, but it's true.

Take a tour through your life (from childhood to now) by following along with this list of graduating cherry preferences.


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