Air France’s New Low-Cost Carrier Is Made for Millennials — Travel Bites

Have you ever considered booking a flight but then stopped, your cursor hovering over the "Confirm Reservation" button, as you realized that the airline probably caters to, like, people who are older than 24? Maybe you've thought, "I'd love to go to one of four European destinations, but I'm terrified that I won't be able to buy organic food mid-flight!" Well, start piecing together an elaborate playlist, order a unicorn frosé, or do whatever millennials do before they leave town, because your airline is finally here.


What Your Coffee Order Says About You — My Morning Cup

(Image credit: Charity Burggraaf)

They say you can tell who a person is by looking at the shoes in their closet. But spying on strangers doesn't have to be quite so intrusive — just look at their coffee order. Whether you drink straight black coffee or take five minutes at the counter just to order, your morning habits say a lot about you. (All in good fun, of course.)


Watch These People Pretend to Know How to Pronounce LaCroix — Food News

There are some words in life you just assume you're saying incorrectly. Is "quinoa" pronounced ke-NO-wah or KEEN-wah? I'll let you figure that one out for yourself. And while there's a good chance you have heard of (or enjoyed a can of) LaCroix, everyone's favorite seltzer, it's pronunciation isn't second-nature. Based on that theory, the folks over at the Tonight Show decided to have a little fun — fast-forward to 2:35 in the video below to see what I'm talking about.


Chrissy Teigen Is Searching for 6 Brown Bananas on Twitter — Kitchen Heroes

This past weekend Chrissy Teigen casually mentioned on Twitter that she was interested in making banana bread, but she didn't seem to have the perfect brown bananas. Some people threw out ideas on how to brown bananas quickly, but Teigen didn't engage. Brown bananas aren't that hard to come by — you just leave them out on the counter for a bit — so we assumed that Teigen had found what she needed. But apparently this wasn't the case.


The 10 Cocktails Teachers Wish They Had While Grading Papers — Teacher Talk

Being a teacher doesn't seem like a job for the weak. I straight-up salute the people who spend hours educating our youth because I couldn't do it. It's a lot of time, energy, money, sweat, and patience on children (or young adults) who aren't even yours. I can't even imagine having that kind of mental and emotional stamina.

What I can imagine is desperately dreaming of a cocktail while working those arduous after-school hours grading papers, supervising detention, or cleaning up after the little rugrats. After all, a little Mai Tai makes all geometry look better, doesn't it?

Here are 10 cocktails teachers I spoke to swore they would love more than that damn red apple your kid keeps bringing them.

Note: This is a tongue-in-cheek list. We have the utmost respect for teachers and while we are sure they would love to have a quick sip while grading papers, we are relatively sure none of them actually indulge.


A Man Tried to Return Butternut Squash Because He Thought It Was Cheese — Food News

It's a mistake that could happen to anyone — anyone who can't read or is not paying attention while shopping in the produce aisle. A man purchased what he believed to be cubed cheese only to find he bought diced butternut squash. His frustration upon finding squash instead of cheese is a universal sentiment that can be felt by cheese-lovers around the world.

The shopper took his fight to the supermarket to get his return. Witnessing the quest is bystander James Dator, who chronicled the event on Twitter, only for it to go viral.


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