Queen Elizabeth Banned Garlic from Buckingham Palace — Food News

There are a lot of perks to being a royal. Queen Elizabeth II apparently drinks Champagne every day, is surrounded by adorable corgis, and owns so many diamonds her jewelry collection has its own curatorial staff. But news came out this past week that she never, ever eats garlic. Living in a castle sounds lovely, but it doesn't seem worth it for a lifetime without garlic.


Who Donated This 46-Year-Old Can of Soup to a Food Bank? — Food News

(Image credit: Cardiff Foodbank)

What do the consistently brilliant Amy Poehler, reformed Funky Buncher Mark Wahlberg, and a can of Heinz Ready-to-Eat Kidney Soup have in common? They were all born in 1971. But only one of them was put in a cardboard box with some other outdated canned goods and given to a Welsh food bank — and no, it wasn't Marky Mark.


Nobody Has Ever Loved Food as Much as This Man Loves Tea — Food News

(Image credit: Chiltern GRC‏ /Twitter)

Britain is known for being a nation of tea-lovers, but nobody in the U.K. loves tea as much as Yorkshireman Nathan Garner. In fact, nobody has ever loved any food as much as he loves tea. I'm serious! This dude loves his tea more than Proust loved Madelines and Monty Python loved Spam, and he just proved it by legally changing his middle name to "Yorkshire Tea."


This Woman Wrote the Most Hilarious Grocery List for Her Husband — Food News

If you're the one in your household who does the grocery shopping, you know how stressful it can be to send someone in your place. If you sent someone out to get a potato, would they accidentally get a yam? Would they know the difference between parsley and cilantro? Who knows!

It's for this exact reason that Twitter freaked out over the grocery list Era Londhi regularly sends her husband. It wasn't enough to just write out what was needed; Londhi also indicated the shape, color, and size of the items. That's serious dedication to the cooking craft.


This List of Period-Related Food Myths Is Straight-Up Bananas — Food Myths

During the first days of your period, you might be a walking, snarling stereotype, curling into a ball on the sofa, crying during dog food commercials, and snapping at anyone who even considers moving your half-chewed tube of cookie dough. (No, I do not need a fork, but thank you for asking. Again.)


Instagram Is Freaking Out Over This Breakfast “Hack” from Food Network — Pop Culture

You never know what's going to get people riled up over next. This week it was a suggestion from the Food Network on Instagram for making your morning routine easier. Who doesn't love a good food hack, right? But when the hack takes longer than the task it's trying to replace, look out — the internet will come after you!


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