I Cleaned My Kitchen with Lemon LaCroix and Here’s How It Went — Powered by Lemon

Like many families I know, mine is addicted to LaCroix, or, as it's called in my apartment, "bubbles water." Lime, peach-pear, cran-raspberry, pamplemousse — we love them all! One time I posted an Instagram shot of the cases and cases of LaCroix stacked in the window of my local Key Food and the official LaCroix account actually liked my photo! I just about peed my pants, I was so excited. True story!

As you've probably read on this site, citric acid (otherwise known as the juice of citrus like lemon, lime, and grapefruit) has great cleaning power. It cuts through stains, fights bacteria, and smells great, too — that's why we like to use it for an all-purpose cleaner. And club soda is also a handy stain-buster, best known for helping you feel better as you blot red wine off your blouse at a nice restaurant.

More on citric acid: What Makes Lemons Such Good Cleaners?

That said, let me bring you to my recent logical conclusion: Lemon LaCroix must have crazy cleaning power, right?


5 Ways to Get the Cocktail-Hour Waitstaff to Come to You — The Ultimate Summer Wedding Guide

There's a certain type of person who never has to wait for a drink at a party. For some reason their mere presence causes any bartender or cocktail waiter in a close proximity to hop to attention, like James Bond for instance — I'm pretty sure he's never had to flag down a bartender to order his signature martini. And waiters with hors d'oeuvres probably flock to him with trays of cocktail hot dogs.

You too can possess this magical allure at all of your friends' weddings this season. Here's how.


7 Dinner Party Rules We Finally Agree with Now That We’re Adults — Ready for Company

Remember the dinner parties your parents used to throw when you were a kid? You know, those weekend nights when you ate dinner early and then went upstairs to entertain yourself while mom and dad fed their friends? You'd sneak downstairs to check out the scene and it just looked so ... boring! How were they all still sitting at that table?

But now that it's your turn to try adulting, you totally get it. Dinner parties are fun! And now you also understand all the things your mom used to complain and freak out about! Here's a look at the dinner party rules we all finally agree with now that we're grown-ups.


What’s Your Kitchen’s Love Language? Take Our Quiz. — A Strictly Scientific Quiz

Ever heard of the five love languages? You might already be using a few of them without knowing. In his 1995 book, The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate, Gary Chapman outlines five ways that people tend to express and experience love: gift-giving, quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service, and physical touch. Chapman argues that each individual has a primary and a secondary love language, and that people tend to give love the same way they prefer to receive it.

You may be able to easily figure out your own love language, but given that most of us here at Kitchn are in love with food and cooking, why not apply the principles of the five love languages to one of the most important places in our homes? Whether you realize it or not, your kitchen has its own love language that it's dying for you to figure out.

Take this quiz to find out how to show your kitchen some love. We can't ask the kitchen itself what it desires, you know, because it's an inanimate space and all, so you'll have to answer on its behalf. Think of your kitchen's vibe and mood when answering.


5 Kitchen Safety Posters that Make Us Laugh — Kitchen Hang-Ups

(Image credit: Jason O'Malley)

In some cities (including New York City), restaurants are required by law to display step-by-step instructions on how to save someone from choking. The local governments and health departments often supply free prints, which restaurant owners can order and hang. (Here's one for NYC.)

There is no law, however, that states the posters can't be fun and a bit more creative. That's why some artists have been reinventing the posters with all the pertinent info — and a little more personality. The best part: You can buy some of these for your own kitchen.

Remember: Choking is no joke, but these posters are pretty funny.


In Defense of Keeping Stuff You Never Use — Smart Spring Cleaning

I live in what is, by all reasonable standards, a very small apartment. I say this not to complain — I like my apartment! — but only to suggest that I am not necessarily in a position to devote an entire cabinet to an ice cream maker that I have never used.

But there it sits, a full-sized ice cream maker, in a cabinet above my three-quarter sized fridge, where it has rested, untouched by milk or sugar, for approximately six years.


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