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How To Clean and Disinfect a Dish Brush — Cleaning Lessons from The Kitchn

There's an age-old argument about the best option for cleaning dishes: dish cloths, sponges, or dish brushes. My friend still defends her grandma's crocheted cloths — you know the ones I'm talking about? — but dish brushes, hands-down, are the most hygienic option. Unlike dish cloths (basically petri dishes for bacteria) or even sponges, which have pockets where bacteria can grow, the synthetic bristles of dish brushes shed moisture so they don't harbor bacteria or develop any offensive odors.

Plus, they're easy to clean — here's how.


I Tried the Instant Pot and Didn’t Love it. What Am I Missing? — Need Advice

When the Instant Pot went on sale for Amazon Prime Day last year, I barely thought about adding it to my cart. I'd long read about the wonders of the Instant Pot, so I knew I had to have one. Two days later, my precious new seven-in-one appliance arrived, and I was elated.

But I was also busy. And despite the fact that this strange contraption had promised to save me time and change my life, I just didn't have the focus to learn what I quickly discovered was a whole new way of cooking. I had questions and uncertainties, so it sat in its box in the basement for a week. And then I had guests over, so I hid it in the spare bedroom. And then I sort of forgot about it, only to be occasionally and sporadically struck with guilt when I came across another recipe suited for the device.


Use a Pegboard as Gadget Keeper — The Great Kitchen Pegboard

Some kitchens have very limited drawer space. If you're lucky, you have two drawers: one for your flatware and one for your zip-top baggies, aluminum foil, and the like. Then where do all your gadgets go? You can only have so many crocks on your countertop. The best solution is to hang everything on a pegboard and get it up and out of the way, while still keeping it all 100 percent accessible.

Build your basic pegboard

How To Build & Hang a Kitchen Pegboard


Why My Stand Mixer Will Never Replace My Hand Mixer — Appliance Love

Despite my excitement about bringing home the cherry-red stand mixer I coveted for so long, the strangest thing happened: I couldn't seem to part ways with my hand mixer. By all accounts it should have been time to toss it; it had definitely seen better days. That little mixer was on its last leg, and it was a wonder it was still functioning. But I held onto it, and tucked it away in the closet "just in case."


The Best Stovetop Popcorn Popper — Shopping

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Good news: You actually already have the best stovetop popcorn popper! It's called any pot — or a Dutch oven — that you have in your cabinets. You really don't need to buy any of those special gadgets. Sure, they look cute and campy, but there's just no reason to spend the money.


The Best Microwave Popcorn Popper — Shopping

You probably think you know what I'm going to say here, don't you? (Hint: Don't be fooled by the photo above!) You think the answer is a paper bag. And that's not a far-off guess, but it's not correct. (I told you not to be fooled by the photo!)

Paper bags are really great for making microwave popcorn, but if you make popcorn as much as we do in my house, all those paper bags are going to get pretty wasteful. Even if you reuse them a few times!

If you want to go the paper bag route: How To Make Popcorn in the Microwave


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