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This Nonstick Cookware Set from KitchenAid Is On Sale Today — Amazon Kitchen Deal of the Day

You might know KitchenAid for their gorgeous stand mixers, but did you know they make lots of other tools and products for the kitchen? They do things as big as fridges, to things as small as toasters. Right now, in fact, on Amazon you can buy a complete aluminum nonstick cookware set from KitchenAid for just $110 (normally $155). That's just a fraction of the price of a stand mixer from a brand you already love.

If your kitchen is already stocked with cookware, this deal would also make for an excellent gift the college graduate in your life.


May the Fourth Be with Your Morning Cup of Coffee (on Sale Right Now!) — Amazon Kitchen Deal of the Day

Today is the most magical geeky day of the year: It's unofficial Star Wars day. (May the fourth sounds like may the force, get it? get it?)

If you're obsessed with Star Wars and also enjoy a great cup of coffee, I have just the thing to add to your mismatched mug collection. For the next hour or so, this supremely cute R2-D2 mug is on sale for just $10. It normally costs $20, so that means it's 50 percent off right now. May the fourth be forever in your cup.


Alton Brown’s Favorite Food Scale Is on Sale Right Now — Amazon Kitchen Deal of the Day

I use a food scale every single day when I'm home. Every single day. In fact, it's usually one of the first things I use in my kitchen each morning, when I measure out my coffee beans for my Chemex. Sure, I could probably at this point estimate what 34 grams of coffee looks like, but I'd rather not take the risk of a less-than-perfect brew.

If you're in the market for a new scale — whether it's for baking, coffee, or everyday cooking — there's a great deal happening on Amazon right now. You can currently get an OXO food scale for $38, whereas it normally costs $50. That means it's 25 percent off right now.


This Magnetic Knife Rack Is Over 70 Percent Off Right Now — Amazon Kitchen Deal of the Day

If you have a small kitchen, then you know that organizing is key to making the most of your space. For example, while toaster ovens may be nice, it can be hard to justify the amount of space they require on the kitchen countertops. I feel the exact same way about knife blocks. They're cute and keep your knives all nice and organized, but they take up way too much space.

The best thing for knife storage for small kitchens is a magnetic knife rack. I remember when I first got one a few years ago; it transformed my kitchen space. I keep mine right next to the stove for easy access. If you're in the market for one right now, then you're in luck. You can currently buy a great knife rack for just $9 on Amazon. It normally costs $30, so that means it's over 70 percent off right now.


This Awesome Chef’s Knife Is on Super Sale Right Now — Amazon Kitchen Deal of the Day

If you're just getting into cooking, one of the first things you need to buy is a chef's knife. That steak knife you're trying to use to cut your veggies is just not going to work. But where do you begin? How do you navigate the incredible price-point difference between different chef's knives? Do you just give up and get the one at IKEA?

Well, right now Amazon is having a super sale on a popular chef's knife. It normally costs $180, but today it's only $24. That means it's close to 90 percent off. That's a huge sale.


These New Meal Kits Make Sous Vide the Easiest Way to Cook — Food News

If you're fluent in cooking, then chances are you've heard of sous vide — which literally translates to "under vacuum" in French. It's a cooking technique conceived in the 1970s and the process entails putting ingredients in a bag, sucking the air out, and cooking the bag in a water bath at a precise temperature.

Sound fancy? It's cause it is. But now, thanks to a company called Nomiku, sous vide cooking is more accessible and fail-proof than it ever was before.


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