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6 of the Most Gorgeous Kitchen Windows in the World — The Kitchen Window

Boasting natural light in your kitchen is enviable enough, but when your windows are also gorgeous, well, that's when we start to get really jealous. These windows are all super painful (paneful?) to look at because we just want the same things for our homes. #nofair


Would You Put a Kitchen Window Here? — The Kitchen Window

There's a general well-loved layout most kitchens seem to follow these days: island in the middle, sink under the window, range on the wall, etc. It works for a reason — it's practical and results in a functional, usable space.

However, we've been noticing one little tweak to that setup that kinda changes everything we thought we knew about kitchen design: People are putting windows over their ranges! It's crazy, right? Or is it?


No Window Over Your Sink? No Problem! Here’s What You Do Instead. — The Kitchen Window

Not every kitchen is #blessed with a window over the kitchen sink — especially when it comes to apartment living. And sadly, without one, things can start feeling a little claustrophobic and dark. The solution? Create a just-as-good focal point with one of these ingenious ideas.


This Is How You Do Happy Hour at Home — Kitchn Crush

What if happy hour could happen in your own home? These ingenious sipping spots give the term "neighborhood watering hole" a whole new meaning.


This Is the New Stainless Steel — The Smart Appliance Shopper

Stainless steel appliances have become so mainstream, they're basically expected in any updated kitchen. But we can't help but wonder if we'll ever look back at the shiny metallic appliances and ask our past selves what we were thinking. Will the look ever become dated? Will anything ever be more popular than stainless steel?


Are Granite Countertops Almost Over? This Report Says Yes. — Kitchen Design

Once we all seemed to get over Formica, granite took over as the ever-present top pick for kitchen counters. For years now, it's been making its way into renovations, new builds, and even apartment makeovers. But now, the telltale speckled look just might now be ... dare we say it? Dated. According to The National Kitchen & Bath Association, there's a new Big Cheese in the house: quartz.


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