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5 Super-Smart Storage Ideas to Steal from One Kitchen — Organizing

When blogger Joni Lay set out to remodel the kitchen in her Georgia bungalow, she knew she had to max out every possible inch in order to make it functional for her young family of five. The catch? At around 1600 square feet, her home didn't boast many options for a cabinet-packed layout.

However, thanks to some clever space-making tricks (which you're totally going to want to steal), the family ended up with a room that is as practical as it is pretty.

Keep reading to check out all the smart storage ideas.


Is This the Smartest Way to Hang Kitchen Curtains? — Kitchen Hang-Ups

The windows in your kitchen are probably the ones that get used (read: looked out of) the most. And the kitchen is certainly a room we spend a lot of time in. So what happens when you have a bunch of windows, but not necessarily the best view? You know, like if you have a front-row seat to see a brick wall? Or something even worse?

You could steal this idea from designer Christine Alcalay, the brains behind the Brooklyn boutique KIWI. (She didn't have a bad view, but it could be a good idea if you do!)


5 Smart Ways to Use Your Kitchen Window for Extra Storage — Organizing

It's no secret that it pays to max out every square inch of storage space in a kitchen. No matter how big or small your home is, between dry goods, pots and pans, and cooking accessories, there's always something extra that's looking for a home somewhere.

What to do when your counter space is maxed out, your cabinets are full, and your drawers are jammed? Look to your window! Here are some super-smart ideas for turning windows into bonus storage space.


6 of the Most Gorgeous Kitchen Windows in the World — The Kitchen Window

Boasting natural light in your kitchen is enviable enough, but when your windows are also gorgeous, well, that's when we start to get really jealous. These windows are all super painful (paneful?) to look at because we just want the same things for our homes. #nofair


Would You Put a Kitchen Window Here? — The Kitchen Window

There's a general well-loved layout most kitchens seem to follow these days: island in the middle, sink under the window, range on the wall, etc. It works for a reason — it's practical and results in a functional, usable space.

However, we've been noticing one little tweak to that setup that kinda changes everything we thought we knew about kitchen design: People are putting windows over their ranges! It's crazy, right? Or is it?


You’ll Want to Get on Board with This Gallery Wall Idea — Kitchen Hang-Ups

If you've been bored by the art options available for your kitchen or dining room, perhaps this might be of interest: Lately, we've been obsessing over the idea to turn cutting boards into a gallery wall. (Get it? Bored and boards?)


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