The Best Way to Store Spring Onions — Tips from The Kitchn

One of my favorite things to get pulled from the ground in this bright, fresh season are spring onions. They're often forgotten, due to impending excitement over things like asparagus and ramps, but they deserve just as much enthusiasm.

Spring onions are essentially just young onions that are harvested before they have a long summer to mature into the larger, paper-skinned ones we eat regularly. That's exactly what makes them so special! They taste like the best, sweetest version of themselves. If you see them at the farmers market or grocery store, I encourage you to bring a bunch home with you. Then follow these storage tips so you can make your haul last as long as possible.


3 Tips for Picking a Better Bunch of Asparagus — I Dream of Green

I tend to buy as many bunches of asparagus as I can possibly carry home with me when they first hit my local farmers market — and then come back the next day for some more. I can hardly get enough of it when it's at its peak season in the spring, so it's important that the bunches I bring back to my kitchen are the best. Here's what I look for when buying asparagus.


20 Ways to Use Up a Bag of Carrots — Recipes from the Kitchn

Next time you're at the grocery store, buy that big bag of carrots. I am always surprised by how cheap a bag is — it will barely set you back a few dollars — and that's still the case even if you're buying organic! So, naturally, we consider carrots to be a good grocery investment all around. In fact, there aren't many other vegetables that can be equally tasty roasted alongside a whole chicken as they can be baked into a cake that's piled with cream cheese frosting.

You'll have no trouble cooking your way through the bag (and getting a serious dose of vitamin A) — especially if you lean on these 20 recipes for inspiration.


What Exactly Is Silver Skin? — Meat Market

You've probably seen it mentioned in recipes for beef, pork, and lamb, calling for you to "trim the silver skin" and remove the fat. But what exactly is silver skin, and why does it need to be removed?


Why Does My Wine Taste Funny When I Sip It with Asparagus & Artichokes? — Wine Tips from The Kitchn

With spring almost upon us, it's hard not to start dreaming about all the asparagus and artichokes you'll be gobbling up throughout the season. Perhaps you have had the experience of drinking a glass of wine alongside a dish with either veggie and noticed the wine tasted far from normal. In fact, the wine suddenly tasted bitter and metallic. This is a common occurrence. Both vegetables can make a good glass of wine — be it red or white or even rosé — taste a bit funky. Here's why.


Early Bird Veggies: 5 Asparagus Recipes to Make Right Now — Recipes from the Kitchn

If you're anything like us, you just can't wait any longer for asparagus season. It's one of the green vegetables that truly signals that we survived another winter and made it to spring. While it might not be at its peak just yet, it is slowly hitting grocery store shelves and farmers market stalls. We say it's time to start bringing it into the kitchen. Here are five ways to do just that.


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