7 Ways to Bake with Almond Flour and Almond Meal — Passover Recipes from The Kitchn

If you've wandered the baking aisle and noticed the intriguing bags of almond flour and almond meal on the shelves, here are all the answers to convince you to pick one up. Both are great tools for successful (and delicious) gluten-free baking, but you don't strictly have to be following that diet to appreciate their use in the kitchen. Here's everything you need to know about both almond flour and almond meal, from what they are, how they are different, and all the tasty ways you can bake with them.


What’s the Difference Between Almond Flour and Almond Meal? — Ingredient Intelligence

Almond flour and almond meal are a popular gluten-free ingredient used in everything from cakes and cookies to meat and vegetables. They're quite similar, and sometimes even labeled as meal and flour. Do you know the slight difference that sets them apart, and when to use one over the other?


What’s Tzatziki? — Ingredient Intelligence

You may have heard of this classic Greek sauce as tzatziki or tadziki. Maybe you know it simply as yogurt-cucumber sauce, Greek dill sauce, or even just gyro sauce. No matter its name, you're a big fan — so time to find out what goes into this tasty sauce so you can make it at home!


What Are Ataulfo Mangoes? — Ingredient Intelligence

Sometimes when people ask me what I do for fun, I tell them I go to the grocery store. It's probably the fastest way to get a skeptical eyebrow lifted in your direction, but with all those aisles, all that produce, and all those labels to read, it's true! And I'm not alone in my affection.

Going to the grocery on a regular basis — I'm talking about two to three times a week here — means I'm pretty tuned into the things that come and go, how they are displayed, and how grocery stores promote them. And right now, it's full-on mango extravaganza — especially for Ataulfo mangoes. You might see it labeled as honey mango or in some cases champagne mango, but name aside this mango is king among its kind. Here's what they taste like and some tips on buying, storing, and enjoying them.


10 of Our Most Popular Matzo Recipes — Passover Recipes from The Kitchn

'Tis the season for those impressive displays of matzo boxes to grace the ends of grocery store aisles. If you're celebrating Passover, you may already have your boxes purchased and are ready to go. Sure, a slather of cream cheese and a bit of lox is all well and good, but you can take your matzo game further. Here are 10 of our favorite ways to use the unleavened flatbread.


What to Do When You’re Baking and Out of Eggs — Baking Tips from The Kitchn

It's happened to all of us: the deep craving for brownies hits and you head straight to the kitchen to get baking. You start mixing and stirring, assuming you have all the ingredients, but when it comes to the part where you have to add the eggs, you find there's not a carton in sight in your fridge. The oven's already preheated, your kitchen's smelling all chocolatey and good, and you'd rather not hop in your car and drive to the store. Luckily, you have options. There are a slew of egg substitutes that you might have in your pantry to save the day.


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