Sour Cherries Are the Rare and Beloved Fruit of Summer. Here’s Where to Find Them. — Cherry Checklist

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Sour cherries are one of my most eagerly awaited fresh fruits of the summer. Thin-skinned and tart, they aren't really best for eating out of hand. We who love them use them as creatively and quickly as we can, putting their bright, acidic hit to good use in jams, cakes, pies, cocktails, and even in the occasional savory dish. Picture your classic cherry pie, bright-red and glowing with orbs of juicy fruit. Well, you've just pictured sour cherries.


Julia Child Wants You to Bake Your Cucumbers — Tips from The Kitchn

It's smart to listen to Julia Child. If she tells you the best way to poach an egg is to poke a hole in its shell, do it and know you'll achieve poached egg perfection. If she says to use more butter, do so with reckless abandon and don't regret it. And if she tells you to bake your cucumbers, it'd be wise to listen, right? It does sound a bit strange, but trust in Julia and she won't let you down. Baked cucumbers are actually amazing.


Why Are Some Cucumbers at the Grocery Store Wrapped in Plastic? — Ingredient Intelligence

In the produce section of my grocery store, right above the big bin of work-a-day, slicing cucumbers, there sits another section of cucumbers snuggly blanketed in plastic wrap. I'm certain there's a similar setup in your local grocery store, and I have no doubt that the same question that has crossed my mind has also crossed yours: Why are some cucumbers wrapped in plastic? It's time to finally put your curiosity to rest, because I have the answer for you.


5 Iced Coffee Upgrades That Make It Even Easier to Get Your Caffeine Fix — Recipe Templates from The Kitchn

(Image credit: Jerrelle Guy)

Some may argue that iced coffee is such a perfect warm-weather drink, so why not just leave well and good alone? You see, I don't agree because it's a perfect template for experimentation. Coffee works well with so many other flavors that riffing on the beverage is not only fun, but it also turns out to be seriously successful. If you thought regular iced coffee was great, just wait until you give one (or all) of these twists a try.


The Best Peach to Buy for Every Occasion — Peachy Keen

Peach season is upon us and I've already made it my personal mission to gobble up as many of these sweet stone fruits as I can fit in my belly. It seems there are more and more peach varieties every year and as for the best ones to buy, well, that all depends on just what you're looking for. Based on what's most available, here's what you need to know about the peaches you'll find at the market this summer.


What’s So Special About French Lentils? — Bastille Day

Skim a recipe with lentils in the title and you may find it specifically calls for the French variety. Are you wondering, like I have for all my lentil-eating years, why they are specifically called out? Brown or green lentils are a whole lot cheaper at the grocery store, so wouldn't those work just fine? The truth is that there is actually a difference between French lentils and the other guys — and depending on the recipe, the difference really matters.


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