3 Easy Ways to Make a Boring Pot of Rice Taste Amazing — Tips from The Kitchn

Making a pot of rice to serve with dinner is nearly automatic. But plain rice day after day can get, well, a little boring, don't you think? Here are three tricks I use to give my everyday rice a little extra oomph in the flavor department.


Our Favorite Grocery Store Olive Oil — Shopping

Olive oil is not something that gets used in my kitchen lightly: I use it in practically everything I cook, and I cook a lot. Still, I'm always shocked just how quickly I can get through a bottle — and by how expensive my olive oil habit can be.

I've long been on the hunt for a bottle from the grocery store that I can use every day without fail — one that delivers a mild, peppery flavor and won't destroy my grocery store bill. After much searching, I finally found the bottle that delivers all of this and more.


7 Types of Tomatoes You’ll Find at the Market (and What They Taste Like) — Tips from The Kitchn

(Image credit: Guy Ambrosino)

When tomatoes are at their peak, it's hard not to ogle them and only them at the farmers market. The array of shapes, sizes, and colors can honestly take your breath away and leave you loading up your tote until you can hardly carry it home. While countless varieties exist, there are a handful that you'll most likely come across regardless of the market you frequent.


Canning This Summer: Here’s What You Need to Know About Pectin — Tips from The Kitchn

(Image credit: Joe Lingeman)

Making jam is one of the surest ways to preserve summer into the winter. At its most basic, jam is nothing more than fruit and sugar cooked down until fragrant, flavorful, thick, and spreadable. But not all fruit has enough natural pectin to set into a jam with just sugar. That's when commercial pectin can help a home canner out.

So let's talk about what pectin does for jam and how to use four of the most common types of pectin on the market.


Not to Brag, but I Always Pick the Best Corn. Here’s How I Do It. — Tips from The Kitchn

(Image credit: Emma Christensen)

I have a peculiar problem: I'm frequently stopped in the grocery store for advice about picking produce. This phenomenon is not stopped by the two whining kids in my cart or the sometimes-harried expression on my face when I'm running into the store for a last-minute ingredient. But I've always got an answer ready since the same advice applies to many fruit and vegetables: It should feel heavy for its size, inspect for dry or soft spots, and give it a smell.

When it comes to corn-selecting advice, I've got a lot to say. Sure, I have a very strong opinion about how you should be choosing corn at the supermarket, but then I've also never picked a bad ear in my life.


Your Tomato Bucket List: 10 Ways to Eat a Summer Tomato — Tips from The Kitchn

I avoid mealy tomatoes from the grocery store all year long in anticipation of the summer and the sweetest tomatoes that come with it. Once they hit, in all their shapes, sizes, and colors, I can hardly get enough. Quickly a bucket list of sorts ensues, to ensure I consume them in all the very best ways before the last one lingers at the farmers market at the end of the season.

In no particular order, here is this important list — I highly encourage you to start at the top and work your way through to guarantee you eat up as many summer tomatoes as possible this year.


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