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Any Suggestions on What to Make with Tatsoi? — Good Questions

Q: I ordered tatsoi greens from my CSA. Any thoughts on how best to use them?

Thanks, Kitchn! Love you!

Sent by Alice


Where Can I Find Pesticide-Free Roses? — Good Questions

Q: If we don't grow our own roses at home, how can we find roses we can be sure are not sprayed with pesticides?

Sent by Evona


My Cauliflower Pizza Crust Was Awful. Did I Do Something Wrong? — Good Questions

Q: I have quickly come to rely on Kitchn recipes for their consistently good results. So I'm curious to know your thoughts on low-carb pizzas with a crust made primarily from cauliflower.


How Do I Save a Broken Salad Dressing? — Good Questions

Q: I made a salad dressing a couple of days ago from lime juice and zest, olive oil, shallots, garlic, and cilantro. I used some on a salad and stored the rest in a Mason jar in the fridge. Today it's solid on the top and liquid on bottom — it that the olive oil? Is it safe to eat?


What Do I Do with Himalayan Pink Salt? — Good Questions

Q: For Christmas I received some pink Himalayan salt. I thought, "How fun! An ingredient that I wouldn't ordinarily buy for myself, but it's so nice to have." But now I realize I don't know how to use it.


What’s the Best Way to Beat Egg Whites? — Good Questions

Q: Should the egg whites be at room temperature in a warm bowl?

Sent by Loretta Barbera


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