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The 2 Worst Dishwasher Mistakes You’re Probably Making — Cleaning Tips from Kitchn

A few weeks ago, we spent some time talking to Ted Lindeman, a professor in the biology and biochemistry department at Colorado College. We originally wanted to know which packing material he preferred for bagged lunches: plastic zip-top bags, aluminum foil, or plastic wrap. (He picked the bags as long as we all promised to use each bag at least five times before tossing them — and that when washing them between uses, we use just a little bit of not-too-hot water.)

But then he said two things about dishwashers that stood out to us even more than his unpredictable pick (we thought for sure he'd pick the foil, but that came in second place). Here are the two dishwashing mistakes we've been making. Are you making them too?


Make Dishwashing Slightly Better with These Gloves — Now on Sale — Amazon Deal of the Day

If you cook often (and we're guessing that if you're on this website, you do), you probably spend a good amount of time standing at your sink doing the dishes. This, of course, can wreak havoc on your hands over time. That's why we recommend buying a pair of high-quality rubber gloves, like these from Casabella, which are currently on sale.


This $36 Swedish Hand Soap Is Totally Worth It — Shopping

To say that I'm frugal isn't exactly accurate. I have survived on a very meager salary; used Dove soap bars to wash body, face, and hair; and eaten rice and beans for an entire summer due to insufficient funds (my fault for lending a guy all of my savings, only to find he used the money to pay off his credit card bills). I am also a minimalist when it comes to things, so the temptation to buy something just because it's pretty is tempered by the anxiety I get from having too much stuff.

But still, I have always been willing to splurge on things that make me happy.


Why You Shouldn’t Wash Raw Chicken — Tips from The Kitchn

Do you wash your raw chicken? This is a common practice encouraged by cookbook authors from Alton Brown to Michael Ruhlman to the great Julia Child herself. Their recipes, among others, often call for rinsing the chicken with water before cooking it. That would lead you to believe you should follow their advice, right? Well, actually, washing raw chicken isn't all its cracked up to be. In fact, it's actually more dangerous, food safety-wise, to wash it than to not wash it. Here's some eye-opening proof.


11 Cleaning and Organizing Tips from Real People Who Have Open Shelving — Shelf Help

In my early 20s, I had open shelving in the kitchen. And it was awful. There was no vent into the kitchen, and only one tiny window that opened into a filthy courtyard with no air circulation. (Sometimes pigeons would get in there and fly around and poop everywhere.) The stuff on the shelves got filthy. Plus, they were totally jammed with stuff and the kitchen always looked cluttered. When I moved out, the Fiestaware dishes on the uppermost shelves were just coated with grease.

I obviously made a few crucial mistakes when it came to keeping those shelves useful, attractive, and clean. To prevent this from happening to you, I reached out to a few friends with clean, nice-looking open shelves to get their tips on how to keep them that way.


The 10 Best Things You Can Do When Loading the Dishwasher — Cleaning Tips from Kitchn

It may be a cliché, but I'll admit that my husband and I have had actual arguments over how to load the dishwasher. Turns out, we've both been wrong a few times, according to the dishwasher pros I've interviewed. Here are the 10 best things you can do when loading the dishwasher.

A bonus thing: Don't fight with your significant other. After all, it's just one load of dishes.


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