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Is There a Dust Pan That Actually Works? — Good Question

For many reasons, I love to sweep my floors. It's a nightly ritual that's not too hard, makes my kitchen look super-clean, and helps keep pests out. But in my years of sweeping, there's one step I haven't managed to perfect: picking up the last little pile. I don't know about you, but I have yet to find a combination of dust pan and broom that doesn't leave a trail of grit in its wake.

Could I be doing it wrong?


Does Baking Soda Actually Help with Fridge Smells? — Fridge Fix-Up

(Image credit: Joe Lingeman)

I've long heard that keeping baking soda in your fridge eliminates odors, and I've pretty much always had a box open in the fridge — not exactly switching it out every 30 days, like you're apparently supposed to, but just leaving it in there with the lid open.

And it's seemed to have worked: My fridge has never been particularly stinky. Recently, though, I tossed my old box of baking soda and didn't replace it. Things haven't been particularly stinky since then, either, so I started to wonder if the baking soda had been doing anything all along.

I took to the internet. The results are not just inconclusive, but surprisingly divisive! Some people absolutely swear by using baking soda to eliminate odors — anecdotes abound of people using baking soda to freshen up not just fridges and freezers, but diaper pails, garbage cans, litter boxes, and more. Others fervently call the idea of using baking soda to absorb odors a myth.

Which side is right?


Do You Share This Ridiculous Cleaning Habit? — Cleaning & Organizing

I'm writing this post on Sunday evening and I have a lot of work to do. Like, a lot. But instead of doing it, I spent the last three hours cleaning my house. And it wasn't just any cleaning session — I set off on the deepest deep-clean my house has had in weeks.

This little routine has a name in my house: I call it procrasti-cleaning.


5 Things to Know About Bleach in the Kitchen — Cleaning Tips from The Kitchn

Bleach! You know it's super powerful and that it has a strong odor to it. You also know that it can make whites whiter and that it kills germs. But did you know these other fun facts?


The Creepy Reason Your Gas Grill May Be Getting Hard to Light — The Grill Guide

When my husband and I set up our first gas grill last summer, I had one major fear. I wasn't afraid we'd overcook everything to a crisp or undercook meats at a dangerous level. And I wasn't worried about hooking up the propane tank incorrectly. What had me so nervous? The idea of spiders (and spider webs, more specifically) in the burner tubes.


6 Ways to Beat the Heat in the Kitchen This Summer — Stay Cool

So it's about a zillion degrees out — but you still have to eat! And to do that, you usually have to spend some time in the kitchen (although takeout does sound good). For the days you're definitely going to be cooking at home, here are our best tips for keeping your kitchen from overheating.


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