Recipe: Sausage Ragù over Creamy Polenta — Recipes from The Kitchn

This ultra-comforting weeknight dinner skips the pasta in favor of a cheesy, creamy bowl of polenta as the base for a blanket of hearty sausage ragù.

Inspired by our love for slow-simmered bolognese, this weeknight version blends the richness of crumbled sausage with bright tomatoes and fresh herbs for a fast sauce that will satisfy the whole family.


This DIY Herb Wall Is the Most Stylish Way to Add Green to Your Kitchen — Kitchen Hang-Ups

(Image credit: Fresh Mommy Blog)

We're always looking for ways to bring a little life into the kitchen, which is why we're giving this totally charming kitchen herb wall — from Tabitha Blue over at Fresh Mommy Blogtwo very green thumbs up.

Sure, we've all had a few potted herbs lining our sills, but Tabitha's hanging display takes it to a whole new level.


Recipe: One-Pot Pasta Puttanesca — Quick and Easy Weeknight Dinners

Spaghetti alla puttanesca is one of the humblest pastas out there. There's no meat or long simmering time to contend with. Instead, the tomato-based sauce gets big punches of flavor from a trio of salty, briny powerhouses: olives, anchovies, and capers. The resulting tangle of saucy noodles is deeply satisfying. As if this dish needed anything else to make it more appealing, almost all of the ingredients can be found in the pantry or condiment section of your refrigerator. To make this as weeknight-friendly as possible, we employ a shortcut to make your life just a little bit easier: Everything is cooked together in one pot.


Recipe: Feta and Tomato Braised Chickpeas — Recipes from The Kitchn

With tender chickpeas swimming in an earthy oregano- and garlic-spiked tomato sauce and topped with plenty of melty feta cheese, you'll want plenty of good, crusty bread on hand for this comforting meatless main — it's one of those swipe-the-bowl-clean affairs.

Need more convincing to make this tonight? The recipe is only a notch more involved than cracking open a can of beans from the back of the pantry and calling it dinner.


Recipe: Tofu and Broccoli Green Curry — Recipes from The Kitchn

Remember that jar of green curry paste you bought for that one recipe you never made? Well, tonight it's going to be the key to one of the most delicious vegetarian recipes you can make when you're in a hurry. Take a cue from a favorite Thai takeout dish and make a fragrant green curry filled with tender cubes of tofu and broccoli, all in a coconut milk sauce layered with hints of pungent garlic, ginger, and fresh basil. In just 30 minutes you'll have a meal that's nothing short of hearty, fresh, and satisfying.


Recipe: Saucy Skillet Salmon — Recipes from The Kitchn

I firmly believe that anything is better with a sauce — make a dish saucy and I am sold — so you bet this quick salmon dinner has me swooning. It's cooked in a fresh tomato-based sauce that's punched up with garlic, balsamic, and a hint of fresh thyme so it's a little sweet and a little tangy. After the fillets soak up as much of the flavorful juices as they can, the rest is left for the couscous it's served over, which ensures that not one bit of it will go to waste.


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