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Organic Farming May Leave a Larger Carbon Footprint Than You Think — Food News

When you consume organic food, there's that feeling that you've done something good — for your body and for the environment. But organic foods are not what they seem. They offer consumers the promise of synthetic pesticide-free produce and are perceived to be healthier — studies have found conflicting findings about their nutritional superiority — but their environmental impact is being challenged, as it may be doing more harm than good.

If consuming organic fare and doing right by the environment is a top priority on your list, then the findings from a team of researchers from Germany and Sweden have some unfortunate news.


Submit Your Favorite Healthy Recipes for Kitchn’s New Series — Call for Submissions

Here at Kitchn we believe that "healthy" is different for everyone. Some people might think drinking a green smoothie is the best thing for them, while others like a hefty omelette with all the fillings. There's no one way. When you're feeling at your best or your healthiest, what are you eating? Starting next month we want to show you how real people make healthy decisions, however they define that. But we need your help to do this.


How To Grill Even Better Asparagus — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn

Asparagus is a vegetable that is transformed by hot-and-fast cooking. It's why we love roasted and stir-fried asparagus, and why we fall in love each spring with grilled asparagus. Grilling makes asparagus tender while imparting a delightful char and smoky flavor — but to be honest, grilling asparagus can be tricky. Most asparagus is just wide enough to slip between the grill grates and fall into the fire.

Last summer, I learned the super-simple solution for grilling asparagus that makes them easier to flip and keeps them from falling into the grill: skewers. Threaded together, you can cook five to six skewers at once and transform fresh asparagus into a fast and fancy side with just olive oil, salt, and pepper.


How I Make Sure I Have a Healthy Morning When I’m Traveling — Healthy Mornings

(Image credit: Tara Donne)

When you're traveling, most things are out of your control — the weather, equipment malfunctions, your fellow seatmates, delays, the price of (questionable) food options, the amount of healthy food options — but a couple years ago (during my first and only non-cheating stint of Whole30), I figured out a way to take charge of some of those elements.

My life hack? I never travel without a specially packed container of hard-boiled eggs. Here's how it works.


Recipe: Seasonal Fruit Chaat — Ramadan Recipes from The Kitchn

(Image credit: Leela Cyd)

Fruit chaat, a spiced fruit salad, is a ubiquitous iftar fruit dish, present on pretty much every South Asian iftar table. You could argue that there really is no recipe for chaat and if there was, the variations would number in the hundreds if not thousands, as it changes with the seasons and according to each family's taste. Traditionally, in India and Pakistan, fruit chaat, a type of spiced fruit salad, is made with apples, oranges, bananas, and guava, if they are in season. But the vital part of what makes chaat is the chaat masala.


Recipe: Tex-Mex Quinoa Salad — Quick and Easy Weeknight Dinners

(Image credit: Joe Lingeman)

You're going to want to keep this salad firmly planted in your summer meal plan rotation and at the ready for all of your picnics and potlucks. It is what I consider a multi-purpose, do-it-all salad — one that everyone can eat. It gets its bulk from protein-rich pantry staples like quinoa and beans, and picks up freshness, crunch, and color from a medley of veggies before it's tied together with a zippy chile-lime dressing. You can count on it to hold its own as the main course or a side that pairs with all your summer favorites.


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