Recipe: Slow-Cooker Ratatouille — The Summer Slow Cooker

(Image credit: Diana Yen)

You might not think "summer" and "stew" belong in the same sentence, but stewing and braising aren't winter-exclusive cooking methods. The colorful spectrum of summer vegetables can be slow-cooked until meltingly tender and sweet — and it's quite easy to do with the help of a slow cooker. Ratatouille, the classic French vegetable stew, is a perfect candidate for this hands-off cooking method.


How To Make the Best Caesar Dressing — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn

(Image credit: Jeff Roffman)

Classic Caesar salad dressing is deeply debated. A quick search on the internet will lead you to over one-million recipes, each of them different. Some claim the classic doesn't contain anchovies. There are recipes without egg yolks, and dressings made from tofu and even mayonnaise, but none of these are the best Caesar salad dressing. The best Caesar salad dressing starts with anchovies and garlic, and it creates an emulsion with raw egg yolks, mustard, and two types of oil. The best Caesar salad dressing is deceptively simple and delectable — and this is it.


Recipe: Almond-Crusted Chicken Tenders with Honey Mustard — Recipes from The Kitchn

(Image credit: Lauren Volo)

This is precisely the kind of chicken recipe you want to keep in your weeknight dinner rotation. It's quick and simple, has few ingredients, and gets right to the point. It's what you should expect when you have a crunchy almond coating and a honey-mustard sauce that plays double duty as a coating for the chicken and a sauce for serving.


Recipe: Rosé Lemonade — Recipes from The Kitchn

(Image credit: Lauren Volo)

Rosé season officially starts with that first balmy day in May. Come mid-summer, if you're a fan of the pink wine, you've likely hit it a little too hard. Because when it's hot and you could be sipping a crisp, cool glass, when is it not rosé o'clock?

Let's be completely honest here — rosé fatigue exists. I know, I am as dumbfounded as you are, but come late July, that easy, breezy glass just might be a little tiresome if you've been enjoying it all too frequently for the first half of the season (guilty). The solution? A pitcher of rosé lemonade.


Recipe: No-Bake Peanut Butter Protein Cookies — Snacks with a Purpose

(Image credit: Brie Passano)

These are the kind of cookies you can snack on and feel good about it. They're packed with high-protein ingredients like peanut butter, and naturally sweetened with banana and just a bit of maple syrup. A little chopped dark chocolate is mixed in — just for good measure (gotta get those antioxidants from somewhere, right?).


Recipe: 10-Minute Black Bean Tacos — Recipes from The Kitchn

(Image credit: Lauren Volo)

When you come home extra late after a crazy day at the office, it may seem like your only options for dinner are takeout, those questionable leftovers in the fridge, or scrambled eggs and toast. You're starving and cranky and you need dinner fast, after all. Luckily there's a fourth option: these 10-minute tacos.


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