The Best (and Cheapest) Way to Keep Track of Drinks at a Cocktail Party — Birthday Cocktail Party

Whenever my mom sets up for a party, she always leaves a Sharpie marker next to a stack of plastic cups and the ice bucket. "This way, people can write their names on their cups," she'd tell me when I was a kid, as if I hadn't seen her do it a million times. Or as if she didn't make me and my brother put our names on our cups even when we weren't entertaining.

I used to hate it! Mostly because I thought it looked kinda cheesy. (But also because my handwriting was terrible and it almost always looked like I was drinking out of Hisa's cup. What? Fancy Ls are hard!)

Now I totally understand the need for a drink marker system, but I've found a better way.


The One Thing Everyone Forgets to Clean Before Company Comes Over — Ready for Company

Although I tend to panic and go into a cleaning frenzy when guests come over, I've noticed that I never mind when my friends' houses aren't tidy. We've all got husbands, kids, pets, and lives getting in the way of making our houses Pinterest-perfect. And you know what? I don't mind at all! Messy is not the same as dirty.

That being said, if someone hands me a wine glass and it's dusty or got weird specks of stuck-on food, well, I do mind that!


Drink Like a Grownup with These Classy Cocktail Glasses Under $50 — Shopping

If you've been honing your at-home mixology skills, it's only natural that you'd want to show them off to your friends. But don't put in a ton of effort making a classy cocktail only to serve it in a chipped glass or an old plastic cup you stole from the dining hall back in college. Serve it in a proper cocktail glass — one worthy of your creation.

It's possible to stock up on new glasses without breaking the bank — promise! You can get four of these (sold either as a set or individually) and spend less than $50.


The Best Ways to Clean Up Broken Glass (Without Cutting Yourself!) — Cleaning Tips from Kitchn

Broken glass can be a pain in the you-know-what — especially if it was filled with something (what a sad waste of Pinot!). To pick up the shards (without drawing blood) and any former contents, follow this advice.


Is This Portion-Control Wine Glass for You? — Amazon Kitchen Deal of the Day

Today in our Amazon deals column we present you with a dilemma, a potential oxymoron, and the source of vigorous debate among our esteemed team:

Is a wine glass that helps you control your wine portions a good thing? Or a bad thing. Readers, this decision rests with you.


10 Pitchers and Glasses for Every Entertaining Style — Shopping

There's nothing wrong with setting out a bunch of mismatched plastic cups and bottles of soda during a dinner party. In fact, we support it. But sometimes you want to class things up — just a bit.

That's why we played matchmaker with these pitchers and glasses to help with whatever you're serving. Pick one that fits your style and then get back to party planning.


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