The IKEA RÅSKOG Cart as Herb Garden — IKEA RÅSKOG Cart, 10 Ways

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Out of something the same can grow something new. Not to get too precious, but it really is the miracle of life — and there's something wonderful about bringing that miracle into your home, in the form of plants, flowers, or herbs.

The RÅSKOG cart can play the role of plant stand quite well, but I like it in particular for a good old-fashioned herb garden. The sturdy casters allow for easy transportation, letting you wheel the cart into the perfect afternoon sunny spot. Once your ingredients have grown to perfection, you can roll them into the kitchen for a swift turn-around into your special dish or secret recipe.

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5 Pretty Plant Misters for Your Kitchen Herb Garden — Shopping

Perhaps, like me, you have always dreamed of having an indoor herb garden to add freshness and flavor to your dishes with basically zero effort. In my mind, the scenario goes something like this: I'm thinking about what to make for breakfast and I decide I'll whip up a frittata, making use of those eggs I picked up at the farm, that last nub of goat cheese, and, of course, herbs from my garden!

Needless to say, this has never happened. But with the weather taking a chilly turn, and months ahead of hearty stews and soups that could definitely benefit from fresh herbs, I'm feeling motivated to finally (finally) make my kitchen herb garden a reality. And I have this smart and stylish setup, using IKEA's RÅSKOG utility cart, to thank.

It feels plentiful, yet achievable — and, of course, I'll need a cute mister to get the full effect. Here are five I have my eye on.

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7 Container Gardens Fit for Even the Smallest Spaces — Gardening Inspiration

At my apartment, there is some outdoor space, but that outdoor space doesn't really lend itself to planting a garden. (After all, I'm not so sure I want to haul potting soil and a full watering can to the roof using a fire escape ladder.)

But my container garden dreams aren't dashed yet. Just take a look at these seven mini gardens that have flourished despite the lack of space.


4 Methods for Composting in Your Apartment Kitchen — Tips from The Kitchn

Whether you're trying to simply reduce food waste or you want to enrich the soil in your container garden, composting is easier than it seems. Even if you don't have the space for a large backyard composter, you can still compost your vegetable peels, coffee grounds, eggshells, and more.

Here are four methods to make composting reasonable and effective for you even in a small apartment kitchen.


Can I Freeze Fresh Basil? — Good Questions

Q: Can I pick fresh basil, then wash, dry, and freeze it to use later?

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These Easy Planters Bring a Spark of Green into the Kitchen — Faith’s Daily Find 09.08.15

Ceramic Birdhouse Indoor Planter from Ross Lab

• $48

We just embarked on our 2015 Kitchn Cure — have you signed up yet? — and so the process of rethinking, cleaning, and organizing your kitchen has begun. The Kitchn Cure isn't just about cleaning, though; it's about making your kitchen a more soulful and enjoyable place to cook and nourish yourself. We often find that a little spark of green really helps make your kitchen a better place to cook.


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