I Tried the Click and Grow Herb Garden — Here’s How It Went — Simple Gardens

Although I do most of the cooking and cleaning, I like to joke that my husband is in charge of keeping all the living things in our house alive. He makes sure I eat real meals like a normal human (not just cheese and gummy candies), he feeds our fish and the dog we sometimes babysit, and he's in charge of all our plants.

This division of labor came about after I killed three too many succulents and an air plant. (Seriously, how does one kill an air plant?) It's not entirely my fault, I like to tell myself — the light in our apartment is never the same!

I have also killed every basil kit I've ever tried, yet I was eager try the Smart Herb Garden by Click and Grow. After all, they make it sound so easy! Here's how it went.


The World’s Cutest Garden Markers You Can Make — Simple Gardens

It's happening! Gardening season, that is. Before you know it, you'll be up to your eyeballs (or at least your shins) in fresh herbs, vegetables, and more. Mind your peas and corral all that mint you're growing with these charming DIY garden markers — they're all made from things you probably already have around the house.


The Total Beginner’s Guide to Successful Indoor Gardening — Simple Gardens

Maybe you've tried to grow basil in your kitchen before? And maybe you were lucky to get four leaves — two of which you were actually willing to eat? Trust me, I get it. I didn't always have a green thumb, but now I've literally written the book on indoor gardening.

The good news: Plants don't require a ton to grow (the official list includes light, nutrients, water, and a little bit of love). Here's how to make sure those needs get met.


The Easiest (Annual) Herb You Can Grow Indoors — Simple Gardens

You know all those grow-your-own basil kits sold online and in novelty stores? I do not understand them! For starters, they almost never work (or they do ... until they don't). And secondly, they're just totally unnecessary. Basil is actually not hard to grow, and you'll have a lot more success if you just do it sans kit.

Here's what you need to know about growing basil in your kitchen without a kit. Armed with this info, you won't ever have to buy one of those overpriced packs of basil at the grocery store ever again.


The Easiest Aromatic You Can Grow Indoors — Simple Gardens

Perhaps you've seen all those hacks online showing that you can regrow your scallions simply by placing the white bulbs in a cup of water (and maybe eventually putting them in soil)? Perhaps you've doubted that it really can be that easy? I'm here to tell you it is, indeed, that easy!

It is not hard to have a continuous supply of scallions. Of course, the more you know, the better your results will be. Here's a quick tutorial on growing and harvesting your own scallions at home.


The Easiest Herb You Can Grow Indoors — Simple Gardens

Mint is one of those plants that you really cannot mess up. Promise. It can handle the abuse of lack of watering or poor sunlight. The only real risk is that the plant chokes itself (silly, plant!) but that can be avoided easily.

Here's everything you need to know about growing mint in your kitchen.


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