5 Tips for Getting Involved at a Community Garden — Make More Good

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Community gardens can do a lot to make more good: Studies find they help reduce crime, bring in new businesses to the area, create a better network of neighbors, and have a positive effect on property values. Some community gardens even deliver fresh food to the people who need it the most.

That all gets a (green) thumbs up, right? Here's how you can get the green light to put your green thumb to work.


Use a Pegboard as an Herb Garden — The Great Kitchen Pegboard

Those of you with a green thumb know that growing an herb garden in the kitchen can be tricky — especially if space is limited. Put a few pots on your windowsill and they're just begging to be knocked over. Put 'em too close the range and they'll wilt faster than you can chop 'em.

But hang them on a pegboard and, well, you've got the perfect solution. See, on a pegboard, they're totally out of the way, they can be positioned to get just the right amount of sun, and they become instant wall art.

Build your basic pegboard

How To Build & Hang a Kitchen Pegboard


The Top 5 Kitchen Scraps to Turn into Plants — The Living Kitchen with Abbye Churchill

(Image credit: Abbye Churchill)

Here's the truth: Not all plants are created equal. Some actually are more flavorful, more robust, and more delicious than others. And so instead of tossing the scraps from that amazing piece of garlic, mind-blowing potato, or ideal onion, why not get the most bang for your buck and use its winning genes to create a new plant?


First Lady Melania Trump Promises to Preserve Michelle Obama’s Vegetable Garden — Food News

Michelle Obama's platform as First Lady was to get America to eat better. Her childhood obesity campaign entailed an array of projects from school nutrition reform to a cultivating a garden at the White House. Much has been speculated about the fate of the latter — the 2,800-square-foot vegetable garden located on the South Lawn — under a Trump presidency.

"Hopefully, there will be other administrations who come in and they take up this project and continue to make this a part of the White House tradition," Michelle said last April, prior to the election, CBS reported.


Do You Know How Brussels Sprouts Grow? — Beautiful Brassicas

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Nope, you're not looking at some wacky palm tree — that's how Brussels sprouts actually grow. We're blowing your mind a little bit right now, aren't we?

For the last few years, Brussels sprouts have been, um, sprouting up on menus everywhere. While most of our 12-year-old selves hated sprouts (as people sometimes affectionally call them), as adults we now gobble them up served with bacon, covered in buffalo sauce, shredded into a slaw ... the list goes on.

If we're all gonna be so obsessed with these tiny veggies, we may as well know a little bit about where they come from and how they grow.

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The IKEA RÅSKOG Cart as Herb Garden — IKEA RÅSKOG Cart, 10 Ways

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Out of something the same can grow something new. Not to get too precious, but it really is the miracle of life — and there's something wonderful about bringing that miracle into your home, in the form of plants, flowers, or herbs.

The RÅSKOG cart can play the role of plant stand quite well, but I like it in particular for a good old-fashioned herb garden. The sturdy casters allow for easy transportation, letting you wheel the cart into the perfect afternoon sunny spot. Once your ingredients have grown to perfection, you can roll them into the kitchen for a swift turn-around into your special dish or secret recipe.

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