Butter Shortage Leaves France’s Croissant Production at Risk — Food News

Despite having its roots in Austria, the croissant is associated with one European nation in particular: France. And now, courtesy of a looming butter shortage, the country may soon find themselves with dwindling amounts of the pastry. Mon dieu!


The Best Place to Buy Paris Food Souvenirs Is the Airport — Summer Vacations for Food-Lovers

Paris is so unbearably delicious that you want to take everything with you — just stuff all that amazing food in your bag so when you're home longing for the city you can at least console yourself with a taste of it. And you totally should! A plate of oozy, wonderfully stinky French cheeses isn't going to cure the malaise of missing Paris, but it's a start.

But listen: You don't have to spend your precious hours in Paris lugging around assorted and sundry food items. You can't exactly flit around the Marais if you're loaded down with bulky bags overflowing with wine, fragile pastries, and meltable chocolate, am I right?

Take it from me — you want to limit the storage of that cheese as much as possible. If you've ever exited your hotel elevator to wonder what that stench is, only to find it's wafting from your room, and specifically your refrigerator where you've stashed a particularly pungent cheese, you'll get it.


The Top 5 Paris Patisseries for Your Bucket List, According to a Pastry Chef — Summer Vacations for Food-Lovers

As the owner of a doughnut shop in Paris, I'm often asked how I started making America's humblest breakfast pastry in a city famous for its haute pâtisserie. The short version is this: I love doughnuts (who doesn't?). I love them plain, warm and just out of the fryer; I love them dolled up with whiskey and bacon; I love them topped with meringue and filled with rhubarb compote and pastry cream.


How France — Yes, France! — Introduced Me to Thanksgiving — New Holiday Traditions

Growing up in the United States, my family's Thanksgiving tradition looked nothing like the holiday my friends and classmates celebrated. That's largely because everyone in my immediate family was vegetarian and therefore ill-equipped to handle or cook meat.

So while I was exposed to turkey talk and aware of the traditional feast, I didn't realize how much there was to love about Thanksgiving — until I moved to Paris. Yes, it was in a country that doesn't even celebrate the holiday that I discovered what I had been missing most of my life.

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What France Taught Me About Crappy Dinner Parties — Crappy Dinner Parties

(Image credit: Leela Cyd)

When it comes to socializing, dinner parties have always been my favorite way to catch up with friends. Over good wine and good food, everyone relaxes and the stories — and jokes — come tumbling out. I like to host dinner parties as often as I can, and since I lead a busy life, I discovered long ago that there's only one way for me to hold true to being a frequent hostess.


Parisians Share How to Eat and Drink Like a Local — Videos from Kitchn

Paris is famously known for its cuisine (if Ratatouille has taught us anything). But if you've never been to the City of Light before, how would you know where all of these culinary gems are?

In this series, local people share their recommendations for the best places to eat and drink in the neighborhood. So whenever you're ready to plan your trip to Paris, you can dine like someone in the know — pas de problème!


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