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The Science Behind the 3 p.m. Snack Slump — Smart Snacking

You hit it like a wall at work. That drop in energy, accompanied by a deep need for a snack that is sugary, fatty and/or crunchy — it's the 3 p.m. snack slump. Have you ever wondered why it happens so predictably on weekday afternoons? Here's a look at the science that may help explain the late-afternoon slump, and why we crave snacks when it strikes.


The New Added Benefit of Drinking Coffee, According to Harvard — Food News

It might not make you live forever, but drinking three to five cups of coffee per day — caffeinated or not — has an association with some outstanding health benefits.


Is Deep-Frying the Secret to More Nutritious Vegetables? — Food News

Good news, everyone! Researchers at the University of Granada in Spain have discovered that deep-frying vegetables in extra-virgin olive oil makes them not only delicious — but also better for you.


The Scientific Way to Cut Your Pizza Will Make You Very, Very Mad — Food News

How do you cut your homemade pizza so everyone gets an even share? Do you do the classic slices, or maybe even squares? Well apparently, according to science, there is a better way to cut your pizza.

Be warned: This may upset you.


The Science Behind Yeast and How It Makes Bread Rise — We’ve Got Chemistry

Yeast — whether from packets, jars, or cakes sold at stores, or even from a starter you've prepared at home — is essential to bread making. And yes, it is alive, even if it is sold dried.


Why Do Fatty Foods Seem to Reheat Faster in the Microwave? — We’ve Got Chemistry

Ever notice that some fatty foods reheated in the microwave seem to heat up much faster and hotter than other foods? What gives?


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