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Could This Low-Calorie Ice Cream Be the New Halo Top? — Grocery News

(Image credit: Breyers)

In the last couple years, low-calorie ice cream has been taking over the freezer aisle. The creamy treat allows people to go to town on their favorite flavor without worrying about calories (whether this ice cream actually tastes good, of course, is totally a matter of preference.) You might already be familiar with new brands like Halo Top or Enlightened, but now a more established brand is hopping on the bandwagon and will give these trendy new guys a run for their money.


Twitter Is Really Upset with Nigella Lawson’s Carbonara Recipe — Kitchen Heroes

(Image credit: Sara Kate Gillingham)

Authentic Italian carbonara is a pasta dish made with a few simple ingredients: eggs, hard cheese like Parmigiano and Pecorino, bacon, and black pepper. It's pretty hard to mess up, right? Well, recently celebrity chef and cookbook author Nigella Lawson took to Twitter to share her take on the classic and people were not very happy about it.


This Infographic Shows Which “Friends” Character Drank the Most Coffee — Food TV

If you've watched even a few episodes of NBC's cult-favorite sitcom Friends, then you know the group often hung out at their local coffee shop, Central Perk. As you're probably aware, the six leads indulged in a lot of coffee, but some characters were seen drinking more java than others throughout the series.

Ever wonder which character on Friends is guilty of drinking the most coffee?Writer Kit Lovelace did a bunch of "research" (ahem, watched a bunch of TV) to solve this important question.


QVC Slated to Acquire Longtime Competitor for $2.1 Billion — Shopping News

QVC and HSN are longtime rivals. They're basically McDonald's and Burger King in the television shopping industry. And now they're about to become one entity. Liberty Interactive, the parent company of TV shopping network QVC, announced Thursday that it will acquire the Home Shopping Network. This could literally change how you shop on TV forever. We're hoping this means much more of David dancing around in his kitchen, and even better deals on cookware.

Keep reading and we'll throw in a bunch of extra facts — for a limited time only, of course.


Meet the 13 New Food Emojis Coming Soon to a Device Near You — Food News

Emojis have become an essential way to communicate via text — after all, a picture is worth a thousand words. Of the 1,851 emojis available to users, only 62 pertain to food — that's a little over three percent. Not a lot! That's why I'm so excited about the recent emoji update, which will include 13 brand-new food emojis to express your feelings and desires via text. Rejoice!


Whole Foods Chicken Salad Recalled for Having No Chicken — Food Recall

Food recalls can happen for frightening reasons. Sometimes items are found to contain traces of bacteria like listeria, the Hepatitis A virus, and salmonella. Other times it can be absurd like pieces of metal in ice cream or a decomposing bat found in a bag of pre-packaged salad. And sometimes, your food doesn't contain the main ingredient listed in the name itself.


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