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New Mexico Bans “Lunch Shaming” Students Who Don’t Have Money — Food News

New Mexico has become the first American state to take a legal stand on "lunch shaming" students who don't have money to buy lunch. The tales of lunch shaming are not scarce — students have reportedly been stamped, forced to wear a wristband, had their lunches tossed out, or even told to perform chores in lieu of a meal.

Now, thanks to the Hunger-Free Student's Bill of Rights, kids can eat lunch without a side of humiliation.


Salad Mix Recall Issued Over Decomposing Bat Found in Package — Food Recall

When you buy a pack of salad mix, you expect an assortment of greens — a little romaine, maybe some arugula, or even some spinach. For two consumers in Florida, their packaged salads included something less green in color and definitely not vegetarian-friendly: a dead bat.

The two people had purchased the Organic Marketside Spring Mix package from the brand Fresh Express — a company that produces and packs salads to supermarkets around the nation — at a Walmart. The product was recalled on Saturday, according to the Food and Drug Administration, after the Mexican free-tailed bat was discovered in the salad.


Starbucks Japan Debuts Adorable New Matcha Cups — Food News

(Image credit: @starbucks_j)

Starbucks has over 24,000 stores in 70 countries. But Starbucks Japan has something 69 other countries don't have: matcha pudding in small latte cups.

Starbucks Japan introduced the new product on Instagram, revealing the cute packaging. "Matcha-flavored pudding emerges tomorrow. There are three kinds of package designs," reads the caption on the March 31 post, reports TeenVogue.


A Scientist Tried to Teach a Computer How to Write a Recipe and the Results Are Hilarious — On Trend

(Image credit: Rachel Mae Smith )

Research scientist Janelle Shane conducts quirky experiments during her free time and shares them with her Tumblr following. One such experiment involves neural networks; she provides the program with hundreds of pages of cookbooks so it can generate recipe titles.

In theory, this sounds like an amazing way to create new recipe ideas or, at the very least, come up with cool names. But the outcome from Shane's program has resulted with the strangest ideas you've ever heard of.


Anthony Bourdain Just Launched a New Travel Site and It Makes His Show So Much Better — Travel News

(Image credit: @anthonybourdain)

American TV personality and chef Anthony Bourdain is best known for his popular Emmy-winning CNN show Parts Unknown. The show inspires viewers to pack their bags and hit the road to exotic travel destinations and eat everything they can. Hungry for more? You're in luck. Parts Unknown just launched a web counterpart called "Explore Parts Unknown," so fans can spend countless hours perusing through its content.


The Internet Is Freaking Out Over This Strange Pizza Topping — On Trend

Remember when pineapple pizza caused an uproar and dipping pizza in milk was the source of internet outrage? Those were simpler times. The internet has found a new battle to fight in the grand ol' pizza war: Do melted Peeps belong on top of a pizza?

By Peeps, I'm referring to the candy. You know, the marshmallow-based treat shaped like a chick, rabbit, or other cuddly animal. Sold primarily in Canada and the United States around Easter, the confection is fluffy, sweet, and sugary.

It's certainly not the first thing that would come to mind when choosing a pizza topping.


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