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This Woman Wrote the Most Hilarious Grocery List for Her Husband — Food News

If you're the one in your household who does the grocery shopping, you know how stressful it can be to send someone in your place. If you sent someone out to get a potato, would they accidentally get a yam? Would they know the difference between parsley and cilantro? Who knows!

It's for this exact reason that Twitter freaked out over the grocery list Era Londhi regularly sends her husband. It wasn't enough to just write out what was needed; Londhi also indicated the shape, color, and size of the items. That's serious dedication to the cooking craft.


Ina Garten Is So Cool She Doesn’t Even Watch Her Own Cooking Show — Kitchen Heroes

(Image credit: @inagarten)

There probably isn't a man, woman, or child alive that hasn't seen at least one cooking show in their lifetime. Fine, that's probably a gross exaggeration and millions of people around the world are obviously exempt from the BAM! of Emeril and the extra-Italian pronunciations from Giada. That said, I'm not one of those people. But in odd news, guess who is?


​Starbucks Is Finally Bringing Back Pumpkin Whipped Cream — Food News

Every September it's not the school supplies or apple picking adventures that mark the final return of fall — it's the arrival of Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte. Seriously, that sweet, baking-spiced brew is like a cozy cashmere sweater in a cup. And now the coffee chain is about to take your coveted PSL and take it to the next level.


Please Look at These Adorable Photos of Jamie Oliver and His Family — Kitchen Heroes

(Image credit: @jamieoliver)

When it comes to celebrity families, we don't always see the most positive picture painted. Most celebrity families seem a little outlandish in all the wrong ways (you know the ones I'm talking about), but for some reason folks still flock to them.

I'm the type of person who is more enamored of celebrities who seem to work incessantly hard at their family relationships as they do their business. Jamie Oliver and his crew are pretty much at the top of that list.


This Whiskey Advent Calendar Is the Best Way to Count Down to Christmas — Food News

Once December 1 arrives, it's agonizing to wait the 24 days until Christmas. Those little chocolate advent calendars did the trick when we were kids, but boozy Christmas countdowns are making the month a lot more tolerable for us now that we're grown-ups.

Last season we celebrated with beer advent calendars and "ginvent" calendars, earlier this month Aldi released a wine advent calendar, and now there's one filled with everyone's favorite winter spirit: whiskey.


Never Assemble IKEA Kitchen Cabinets Again — Shopping News

Trips to IKEA can be a wannabe designer's dream — Ohhh, look at that sleek island and those immaculate chalkboard cabinets! — but getting home with the goods can be a nightmare. The company's instruction manuals for putting together its affordable, pack-flat furniture is infamously complicated. There are no written instructions — just an anger-inducing cartoon man with a tiny hammer.

But the Swedish brand is about to change all of that with its recent acquisition of TaskRabbit, the on-demand service that completes your to-do list. This means you may never again have to struggle to read awkward instructions, worry about losing tiny screws, or make a mess of your living room while trying to assemble dining room tables, bookcases, and more.


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