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A Low-Fat Avocado Now Exists, but Who Was Asking for It? — Wellness News

Avocados are pure food magic. They're delicious and buttery and can be eaten at every single meal. They're excellent in everything from smoothies to sushi rolls. You can even pickle them! And they're full of monounsaturated fat, which is the "good fat" credited with lowering levels of bad cholesterol and reducing a person's risk of heart disease.

Now a new, low-fat avocado has been developed to improve upon what already seemed like a perfect food, but was anybody really looking for a low-fat avocado?


Mary Berry Ditched Her Dining Room for a Larger Kitchen — Food News

(Image credit: Mary Berry/Facebook)

This past weekend at the Cheltenham Literature Festival, Mary Berry of Great British Bake Off fame revealed that she has "given up" her dining room table because she prefers to eat in the kitchen. According to Independent, she explained that she only ever used her dining room table for Christmas, so she took the extra space to make a larger kitchen.

"Most of us, I think, live in the kitchen," the 82-year-old said at the literature festival. "I do. The homework of my children was done there, my husband would refit a picture in there, and so it's worth thinking about making it a special room which really works for you."


Our Readers’ Responses to This FDA Ruling Will Make You LOL — Food News

For literally thousands of years, psychologists, poets, social scientists, songwriters, physiologists, novelists, philosophers, nuns ,and countless individuals in countless disciplines have attempted to answer the question "What is love?" The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently submitted its own assessment, issuing its own ruling about what love is not: an ingredient.

In a letter to John Gates, the CEO and co-owner of the Concord, Massachussetts-based Nashoba Brooks Bakery (which has included "love" on its ingredient list for nearly 20 years), FDA Program Division Director Ronald Pace said this was a case of mislabeled food. "Love is not a common or usual name of an ingredient, and is considered to be intervening material because it is not part of the common or usual name of the ingredient," Pace writes, describing love in the least Hallmark way ever.


Watch This Kid Catch Apples Like I Catch Cheese Puffs — Pop Culture

When viral videos circle the web, often they're for super-human acts. (For instance, toddlers that can do anything an average adult can't usually manage to accomplish.) This video follows the same vibe, but leaves us wondering how one learns they can catch apples when hurled at their face?


Twitter Is Obsessed with This Smart Colander Trick — Kitchn Tricks

(Image credit: @Daibellaaa)

There are some things in life we don't question. Unlike tying your shoes, where you might use the loop, swoop, and pull method or the bunny-around-the-tree method, the kitchen colander leaves little to interpret.

Up until this point the colander seemed like something that needed minimal directions, if any at all. Like IKEA directions! First, place in sink; second, dump in pasta. It seems unquestionable until you see this alternate method that had me looking for the face-palm emoji!

Why haven't I been doing this my entire life?


You Need to See the Trailer for This Bollywood Remake of “Chef” — Food TV

When I stop to think about the things I shout from the rooftops and spread around social media to friends and family in regards to a new movie, usually it's about the latest Thor movie (everyone who stars in them is just so dreamy!) This time, however, I couldn't text the link fast enough to my foodie friends about a great movie that's getting a Bollywood remake.


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