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Pear Juice Could Be the Secret to Preventing Hangovers — Food News

There's certainly no shortage of purported hangovers cures out there. From Bloody Mary's to a greasy breakfast to bulletproof coffee, everyone has their own favorite cure-all. Here's a new (and unexpected) one to add to the list: pears.


11 Common Items You Didn’t Know Could Open a Beer Bottle — Food News

There are few things worse than being stuck at a barbecue or picnic with bottles that require an opener and no opener in sight. Luckily, you can MacGyver almost anything into a bottle opener.


Watch This Hilarious Parody of Artisanal Food Makers — Food News

Well-designed packaging? Check. A nod to sustainability? Check. Obscure, old-world methods? Check. Absurdly high price tag? Check.

This parody of artisanal food makers — written and directed by Paul Riccio — is absolutely spot-on.


Russia Destroyed Banned European Cheeses with Bulldozers — Food News

Think twice before you violate the ban on foods imported into Russia from the United States and the European Union.

President Vladimir Putin has started cracking down on illegal imports, and he has a showy way of getting rid of the banned cheese, Spanish ham, and produce.


What to Read This Weekend — Food News August 3 – 9


Can We Talk About What the Survivalist Guys on “Alone” Are Eating? — TV Worth Watching

Can we talk about the History Channel's new series "Alone"? Because I'm a little obsessed. I'm also a little concerned. I'm four episodes in and so far all these survivalist guys have found to eat are a few handfuls of seaweed and some tiny limpets. C'mon, you guys, you've got shelter and water — time to find some food!


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