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Not Sure If Your Food Is Gluten-Free? Test It at the Dinner Table — Food News

Good news for anyone with a gluten sensitivity — you will soon be able to test any food to see if it contains gluten right at the dinner table.

6SensorLabs, a start-up in San Francisco, has developed the Nima device, which can test a food for gluten in as little as two minutes.


What to Read This Weekend — Food News: October 12 – 18


Lucky Charms to Release 10 Magical Marshmallow-Only Boxes — Food News

Let's be real: The only reason you wanted Lucky Charms when you were a kid was so you could pick out the marshmallows. I mean, who actually liked the cereal part? Ha! Nobody.

Well, I'm here to announce that you now have a chance to get an entire box of marshmallows. An entire box!


Tipping Is Banned at Danny Meyer’s Restaurants — Food News

Starting next month, there will be no more adding gratuity to your tab at Danny Meyer's The Modern restaurant. That's because Meyer has announced he will be phasing it out in all of his restaurants, starting with the one in the Museum of Modern Art.


One More Reason to Avoid Candy Apples — Food News

Caramel apples are just not my thing, y'all. I have never been able to reconcile the sweet and gooey (or crunchy and tooth-breaking) coverage of what is already a very sweet fruit. Sure, they look gorgeous, but do they actually taste good? Well, here's one more reason to avoid candy and caramel apples: your health.


Do Shoppers Trust Organic Food When It’s from a Big Company? — Food News

This week, NPR posed the question: What happens when those small organic food companies get bought up by larger factory farm competitors? Do consumers still trust them?


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