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Famous Masterpieces Recreated in Oreo Filling — Food News

We will never tire of food art. The latest to cross our radar is the series Tisha Cherry has started by recreating famous master paintings in the cream filling of Oreo cookies.

So far, she's done American Gothic, Van Gogh's Sunflowers, one of Frida Kahlo's self-portraits, and Matisse's Dance, among others.


Epic Salmonella Outbreak Could Result in Life in Prison for One Executive — Food News

There's been an increasing crackdown on food safety this year. Most recently with an unprecedented ruling that could end with one executive facing life in prison — a first for a food safety crime.


Just How Much of Your Almond Milk Is Made from Almonds? — Grocery News

If you're buying Almond Breeze, turns out only 2% of the dairy-alternative might actually be made from almonds.

Blue Diamond, the company that makes Almond Breeze, is the subject of a new false advertising lawsuit that claims the almond milk should have closer to 25 to 33% almonds.


Read What Mirna Valerio Has to Say on Being Overweight and Fit — Food News

I, like many of you, struggle with my weight and how I look. Also like many of you, I struggle with this even while eating a healthy diet and getting in plenty of exercise. But in recent years, I've started really questioning this supposed relationship between weight and health — and so has Mirna Valerio, aka Fat Girl Running.


Celiac Sufferers May Soon Be Able to Eat Gluten Again — Food News

If you suffer from celiac disease, you might be able to enjoy all your favorite gluten-filled foods again soon. Scientists at the University of Alberta are working on a dietary supplement that would block the absorption of the protein that celiacs are unable to digest.

Thanks, science!


Genes May Be a Factor in How We Taste Sugar — Food News

Just as some people have the genes that make them more sensitive to bitter flavors, scientists have discovered that the same applies to one of the other tastes: sweet.


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