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Could Sweet Potato Fries Be the Newest McDonald’s Menu Item? — Food News

Last month McDonald's announced their move to use cage-free eggs and offer all-day breakfast, and now the fast food chain may have another winning idea up their sleeve: The addition of sweet potato fries to the menu.


Why You Should Be Adding Salt to Your Coffee — Food News

Yes, it sounds a bit crazy, but hear us out: Salt won't amp up the calories — like cream and sugar do — but will mellow the flavor of too-bitter coffee.


In Praise of Starting a Cookbook Club — Food News

Have you ever heard of a cookbook club? Think of it like a traditional book club, but with a more cohesive menu.

Serious Eats has a great essay this week about one writer's history with her cookbook club of more than four years, along with some good advice on starting your own.


Watch Tiny Hamster Go Trick-or-Treating in a Pizza Rat Costume — Food Video

Need a pick-me-up? We've got your daily dose of cute with the latest tiny hamster video from Hello Denizen.

The video features tiny hamster — dressed as Pizza Rat! — trick-or-treating for tiny candy with his animal pals.


Move over, Molecular Gastronomy — There’s a New Food Science in Town — Food News

While those foams and flavor balloons might not be disappearing anytime soon, there's a new food science on the horizon called neurogastronomy.

Neurogastronomy is the study of how our brains affect our sense of taste.


The Drought Takes a Toll on This Year’s Giant Pumpkins — Food News

One of the best fall events near San Francisco is the Half Moon Bay Art and Pumpkin Festival, and I finally braved the crowds and went a few years ago. The main draw? The annual contest to see who can grow the largest pumpkin.


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