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Pizza Is the Most Addictive Food, According to Science — Food News

No wonder you always reach for that second (or third) slice. In a recent study from the University of Michigan, the Italian dish was the food that participants were most unable to resist, as graded by the Yale Food Addiction Scale (yes, there is such a thing).


The Most Expensive Cracker in the World Costs $23,000 — Food News

No, it's not gold-plated, but it is one of the few surviving food artifacts from the Titanic. And this week at auction, a collector from Greece purchased the Spillers & Bakers Pilot cracker for the hefty sum of $23,000.


In the Almond vs. Cow Milk Debate, the Fight Is All Wrong — Good Food Reads

Are you Team Almond Milk or Team Cow Milk? According to Dana Goodyear, in her thought-provoking piece for The New Yorker, the almond milk vs. cow milk discussion entirely the misses the point. So where should we focus our attention instead? Not on what the crop is, but how it is grown.


Food Festivals Are Awful, Eater Argues — Good Food Reads

IMHO, the column at Eater given over to passionate opining, gives the megaphone this week to Joshua David Stein, who has something to say about food festivals. You know the ones — celebrity chefs, thousands of well-heeled attendees, wine glasses worn around the neck on lanyards. No, says Stein. These are not good things.


The World Health Organization Has Bad News for Bacon Lovers — Food News

Bad news for bacon lovers and sausage lovers: The World Health Organization (WHO) has officially stated that processed meats — bacon, ham, sausage, and the like — do cause cancer, and red meat is "probably carcinogenic."

But it's not the whole story.


This Map Shows Your State’s Favorite Halloween Candy. Is It Accurate? — Food News

Giving out candy to trick-0r-treaters seems easy enough — you just buy a random assortment of sweet treats to hand to costume-clad kids, right?

Sure, but if you really want to be the best house on the block this year, you should give the people what they want by buying your state's most popular candy.


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