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Why Are Egg McMuffins So Delicious? — Food for Thought

First, let me preface this by saying I like eggs that come from happy chickens. The definition of a happy chicken probably isn't universal, but it should be said as a preface to this coming confession: I like Egg McMuffins. They're fine — not my favorite, and I certainly don't seek them out. However, in the throes of time not being on my side, when I find myself in need of something to eat and hardly any options at all, the thing I'm most likely to go for is the Egg McMuffin.


This Cake Is Colored with Vegetables, Not Red Dye 40 — Food News

The days for food ingredient labels with a long list of artificial colors (Red 40 Lake and Yellow 6, anyone?) might be numbered.

As NPR reported this week, many big-name brands are starting to ditch those questionable, chemical colors in favor of dyes made from plants and vegetables instead.


Mark Bittman Leaves The New York Times to Join a Vegan Meal Kit Startup — Food News

In September Mark Bittman surprised everyone by leaving The New York Times to take on a new project at a new food company. This past weekend the seasoned cookbook author revealed his new role at a vegan meal kit startup based in Boston.


Recall Alert: Watch Out for Metal in Your Skippy Peanut Butter — Food News

Last week Hormel Foods announced a recall of 153 cases of Skippy Reduced Fat peanut butter due to the fact that the jars might contain small metal shards. The recall only affected product sold in Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.


What to Read This Weekend — Food News: October 26 – November 1


That Wild Salmon You Order Might Not Actually Be Wild — Food News

You might want to think twice about ordering the salmon special next time you're out to dinner. Following their report released earlier this year about the mislabeling of Maryland crab cakes, the nonprofit conservation group Oceana released new findings about the mislabeling of another popular seafood item: wild salmon.


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