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What to Read This Weekend — Food News: July 20 – 26


3 Charts That Answer the Question: “Should I Go to Culinary School? — Food News

The question may have crossed your mind at some point: I love food, so should I go to culinary school? I've had many people ask me this question over the course of my career, and as someone who didn't go to culinary school, I don't quite know what to say, other than, uh, maybe? Now, thanks to Eater and the National Center for Education Statistics, I have a much better answer. No.


Archeologists May Have Discovered the First City to Raise & Eat Chickens — Food News

If you're serving up chicken for dinner tonight, give a quick thank you to the people of Maresha, a city on the trade route between Jerusalem and Egypt.

Archeologists now think they were the first people to raise chickens primarily for food instead of for cockfighting or religious ceremonies.


This App Is the Tinder of the Food World — Food News

If we were on the verge of heading into April, rather than August, you might think this was a clever joke. But alas, this is for real.

Think of the new app, Tender, as Tinder for food. The names are starkly similar, and they even operate in the same fashion.


Which Creates More Greenhouse Gases: Conventional or Organic Farming? — Food News

Unfortunately, the answer might surprise you. A recent study published in Agriculture and Human Values points to organic farming actually having higher greenhouse gas emissions than conventional farming.

But don't write off organics just because of this piece of news.


These Tiny Paintings Are the Most Beautiful End Ever for Your Coffee Dregs — Food Art

If I could paint like this, I might actually have something to do with that final, cold, sad swallow of coffee in my cup besides toss it down the drain. These paintings by Indonesian artist Ghidaq al-Nizar are some of the most beautiful things I've seen in a long time. I love the sepia tones and the enchanting scenes he creates.


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