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You Can Now Customize Your Package of Oreos — Food News

Oreo has something new, and this time it's not a wacky flavor or extra-thin cookies — it's the standard, classic chocolate and cream sandwich cookie combo we all know, with a fun twist. For a limited time during the holiday season, Oreo is offering customizable packages.


FDA Finally Has Something to Say About Sugar — Food News

This week the Food and Drug Administration announced that it has come up with guidelines for just how much sugar the average American should be eating. And it will probably come as no surprise that we're all eating too much of it.


Guinness Goes Vegan and World Is Shocked to Learn It Wasn’t Already — Food News

In my opinion, the interesting news from last week wasn't so much the announcement that Guinness will soon be vegan, but all the reactions I saw on Facebook and Twitter from people surprised to learn that it wasn't vegan already. Just what has been lurking in your black pint of Guinness all these years?


Have We Been Buttering Our Toast All Wrong? — Food News

We may have been making one of the easiest breakfasts in the world the wrong way all these years.

Raquel Pelzel, author of the new book Toast, recommends buttering your bread before you put it in the toaster. Sounds crazy, doesn't it? But the more you consider pre-buttering your toast, the more it starts to make sense.


Can a Supermarket Change the Way a Neighborhood Feels About Itself? — Food News

Consider your grocery store routine. Are you a daily shopper, picking up just what you need for dinner? Or are you a long-term planner, plotting for the month with detailed lists before making the pilgrimage to one of the big box stores? Maybe you're a farmers market regular, or perhaps, like me, you dabble in it all. Regardless, how you shop, where you shop, and the efforts you make to shop the way you want is an extension of your identity. Choices let us shape our identity.

What happens when you finally get to make those choices after 30 years of not having one? CityLab, an offshoot of The Atlantic, shares the story of an ailing Pittsburgh neighborhood faced with answering that question. And so far, things are looking good.


$43,000 Worth of Comté Cheese Stolen in Fromage Heist — Food News

Tragic news out of France last week: Thieves stole more than 8,000 pounds of Comté cheese from the Goux-les-Usiers region of France where Comté is produced.

What's puzzling about the crime, in addition to the fact that the burglars left virtually no trace, is the choice to steal cheese to begin with.


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