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Disney Created the Largest, Spookiest Gingerbread House — Food News

Gingerbread houses may be associated with Christmas, but at Disneyland they're celebrating something spookier. The cookie buildings are being set up just in time for Halloween, courtesy of Tim Burton and The Haunted Mansion. The haunted pastry house marks the 17th season of the Haunted Mansion Holiday gingerbread house.


Twitter Is Not Happy About This Meal Prepping Idea — Food Media

(Image credit: Kelli Foster)

Food stylists know a thing or two about how to present a meal. And there's some merit to the notion of focusing on how food looks: Some research has found that the way food is presented can make it more (or less) appetizing for the individual consuming it.


If You Use Sea Salt, You Could Be Eating Plastic — Wellness News

Sea salt is one of the purest ingredients in your kitchen. At least it should be. Made by simply evaporating ocean water, it involves very little processing. In some cases, depending on the water source, trace amounts of natural minerals are left behind, which harmlessly add a touch of flavor or color. But plastic? That's not an extra ingredient we want seasoning our caprese salads and tenderizing our sirloins.


Your Favorite Childhood Cereal Just Got a Massive Upgrade — Food News

(Image credit: @lawrastubbs)

Just when you thought the unicorn food fad had died along with Starbucks' discontinued Frappuccino, Kellogg's has just revived it. The rainbow-tastic trend is getting a second life with the debut of Unicorn Froot Loops.


How You Taste Food Changes When You’re in a Relationship — Food News

It's no secret that people change when they're in a relationship. Being close to someone makes you alter your behavior, daily patterns, and even habits. And there's no shortage of research hinting at the fact that couples become increasingly similar throughout a relationship — some even say couples start looking alike.

Now, a new study published in the journal Appetite has unearthed a thing or two about the dining habits of couples.


You Can Now Turn Your Broccoli into a PSL — On Trend

I'm convinced there are two types of people in this world when it comes to pumpkin-spice season: those who subscribe to the PSL fan club and aren't caught dead without one, and those who mock the card-carrying members of team PSL but are the first ones to buy anything with new fall flavors in it.

Although there are always those who claim to stay far away from such things, we bet they'll actually be the first ones to put this new organic pumpkin spice spray on all the things. Wait, did you hear that? It's the sound of your dreams coming true!


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