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You Can Now Turn Your Broccoli into a PSL — On Trend

I'm convinced there are two types of people in this world when it comes to pumpkin-spice season: those who subscribe to the PSL fan club and aren't caught dead without one, and those who mock the card-carrying members of team PSL but are the first ones to buy anything with new fall flavors in it.

Although there are always those who claim to stay far away from such things, we bet they'll actually be the first ones to put this new organic pumpkin spice spray on all the things. Wait, did you hear that? It's the sound of your dreams coming true!


Aldi’s Wine Advent Calendar Is Everything You Need This Holiday Season — Grocery News

A traditional advent calendar keeps a daily countdown exciting with chocolates or confections, and sometimes even beauty products and trinkets. But for wine-lovers, there is a new option in town this holiday season that promises to shake things up: Grocery chain Aldi has a booze advent calendar that houses six bottles' worth of wine.


Duff Goldman Is Helping DIY Brides Make Their Own Cakes — Food News

(Image credit: Chef'd)

Among the long list of things you have to do to plan a wedding, making your own cake is probably not a priority. But what if you don't want to pay a caterer to do the dirty work and can rope in a helpful friend instead? Maybe this new DIY kit from Duff, the Ace of Cakes himself, will make it easier.


Guy Fieri Doesn’t Eat Eggs for Breakfast — Kitchen Heroes

Spiky hair, sunglasses, and a huge personality are all traits of the fun-loving Guy Fieri. Remember the old saying that you are what you eat? Well, apply that logic to this Food Network hero and suddenly his seemingly crazy antics, reactions, and mannerisms all become a little more clear when we take a look at his breakfast routine. Spoiler: It's 100 percent egg-free!


The Best Sandwich-Making Tips, According to the Internet — Food News

There are really very few things that are better than a well-made sandwich. It might not have taken a genius to come up with the idea of putting their meal between two pieces of bread, but whoever it was, I thank you. We all thank you. There's something so incredibly satisfying about biting into that glorious stack of layers and getting an even amount of bread, spread, cheese, lettuce, tomato, seasoning, and meat.

The only problem with sandwiches is that they are frequently poorly made. But we can't blame that sad disgrace on the sandwich — no, the blame rests solidly on the shoulders of the unfortunate soul who constructed it. It must have been for this very reason that a Reddit user asked one of the most important questions that has perhaps ever graced the unwieldy social news site: "What's the best advice you've ever received for making a sandwich better?"


How Hurricane Irma Impacted Florida’s Crops — Food News

Hurricane Irma left a lot in devastation: people were stranded and homes, businesses, and farms were destroyed. The latter leaves the future of produce especially vulnerable.


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