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Parents Eat Better When Their Kids Eat Healthy Food, Says Study — You’re a Parent Now

When you live in the same household as someone, it's a not a surprise that you would all eat similarly. Unless someone is making specific meals for every individual — which would be too much work — everyone is going to be eating that pizza, or salad, or whatever you're having for meals. So it's generally accepted that children eat how their parents do. But a new study found that managing a child's diet can also impact the parent's.

Specifically, parents who actively monitor their children's food eat better foods than caregivers who don't manage the diets of their children. The longitudinal study, called the Special Turku Coronary Risk Factor Intervention Project, took place over the course of two decades in two parts.


Salmonella Outbreak in Papayas Has Left 47 (and Counting) Sick — Food Recall

Before you purchase your next papaya, take a quick peek at its label to ensure you aren't at risk of contracting a salmonella infection. A specific variety of the fruit — Maradol papayas, of the Caribeña brand — has been linked to a salmonella outbreak in 12 states. Nationwide, the outbreak has left 47 ill: 12 cases were so severe the patients were hospitalized, and one case in New York City was fatal.


Sound the Alarms! Whole Foods Is Selling $8 Wine This Weekend — Grocery News

Whether you're heading to a summer BBQ or catching up on Netflix by yourself on the couch, there's a pretty sweet sale happening at Whole Foods this weekend that you should probably know about. The grocery store recently announced that they are holding a special sale on wine this weekend where customers can get bottles from as low as $8.


Amazon Has Already Stepped into the Meal Kit Market — Food News

Amazon is the Jack of all trades: It's an online marketplace, has its own video and music streaming service, owns upscale organic retailer Whole Foods, and has a popular home assistant (Hi, Alexa!). Now the company is slowly dipping its toes into the meal kit market.


Croatia’s Underwater Winery Is Everything You Didn’t Know You Needed — Travel News

(Image credit: Edivo Wine)

Croatia has crept its way up to the top of people's travel bucket lists, and for good reason: It's got some gorgeous coastlines and delicious food. Now, wine-lovers have a new reason to visit the nation: the Balkan country, which drinks the most wine in the world, is home to an underwater winery.


You’ve Been Pouring Juice Wrong Your Entire Life — Life in the Kitchen

When pouring orange juice from the carton, most people intuitively put the plastic spout as close to the glass as possible. This results in the infamous glugging approach, where your juice splatters within the glass and makes a "glug glug" noise. Not cool.

Well, I'm here to tell you that if this is your approach to pouring juice out of a carton — or really any liquid from a carton — you've been doing it wrong your entire life. There's actually a better way that is splatter- and glug-free.

First and foremost, the right way to pour out of a carton is to hold the carton so the spout is on the top, further away from the rim of the drinking vessel. This results in a clean pour without any splatter or alarming noises, as showcased by YouTube personality Crazy Russian Hacker.


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