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It’s True: On a Hot Day, A Hot Drink Can Cool You Down

On a scorching summer day, you're probably more likely to grab an iced coffee than a steaming cup of joe. But a study has shown that drinking a hot beverage on a hot day actually can cool you down. How? More


Restrictive Diets at Dinner Parties: How Far Should a Host Go to Accommodate? — The New York Times

Once upon a time, it was unusual to even ask dinner guests about food allergies, let alone their preferences. Today, it can seem strange to have a dinner party without some sort of food restriction. Paleo, vegan, no carb, no gluten: sometimes planning a menu can require research into what these diets mean exactly. Fortunately, specialty food like gluten-free flours and vegan meat substitutions are much easier to find. But where to draw the line before you're practically making individual meals for each guest? The New York Times asked this question this past week — see what they had to say. More


Think Like a Pastry Chef: How to Create a Stunning Plate Gilt Taste

2012_07_12-PastryChef01.jpgAdding a dollop of whipped cream is about as fancy as it gets when I serve dessert, but I am still inspired by Gilt Taste's look inside the mind of pastry chef Michael Laiskonis, which details his thought process while creating the dessert pictured above. Though I'll likely never create anything as lovely (or time-consuming!) as Laiskonis's dish, I still picked up a few tips for making my plates more beautiful. More


A Farmer’s Perspective On Setting Farmers’ Market Prices

2011_11_15-shallots.jpgA little while ago we noted a story about famers charging more for their produce at the farmer's market than what it can be purchased for in a grocery store. The article cited from Grub Street speculates that this is because restaurant demand is upping prices, but I'm more interested in finding out what the farmers themselves are thinking. Mike Madison, a long-term vendor at the Davis, CA Farmer's Market, has just written an excellent article on this very subject.

If you shop at a famers' market, you must read his thoughtful exploration into 'The Farmer's Dilemma.' More


All Corn Is GMO and Bad For You: And Other Corn Myths Debunked Eating Well

Fresh, sweet corn is one of summer's great pleasures, but in recent years, corn has gained a bad reputation. The most recent issue of Eating Well debunks five myths about corn, setting the record straight when it comes to concerns about everything from genetic modification to corn's sugar content. Bottom line: don't feel guilty about eating this summer staple. More


Not Just Smoking: 10 Habits That Can Affect Your Sense of Taste Bon Appetit

2012_07_05-TasteHabits.jpgYour sense of taste is one of the most important tools you use in the kitchen, but it isn't always as dependable as your favorite wooden spoon. In fact, there are a number of ways to damage your sense of taste, either temporarily or permanently — and this list includes quite a few everyday habits. More


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