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7 International Food Movies to Satisfy Your Wanderlust — Great Food Movies

There are plenty of reasons you might want to hole up inside and slip away to the pleasures of a really good movie. Maybe you're tired of the news. Maybe you're sick of the cold weather. Maybe you're actually physically sick with a cold. We feel you — February can be brutal.

If escapism is your aim, we've got you covered. Here are seven delectable food-focused movies to get you through the dog days of winter, each from a different country around the world. Curl up with a mug of something hot and let yourself be taken far away from it all, to the mean streets of Mumbai, the tranquil Danish countryside, or the banks of the Dordogne River in southern France.

Mind you, there are no documentaries on this list — our goal is escapism, not reality. What are you waiting for? The time is right to hunker down and work your way through this food-movie queue.


5 Things We Learned About Ramen from Tampopo — Great Food Movies

Ramen is now a familiar part of American cuisine. You might think of instant noodles, your favorite ramen joint, and even trendy takes on the Japanese noodle soup like ramen burgers. But back in 1985, the year of the now-cult film Tampopo's release, ramen hadn't yet hit the mainstream. In his four-star review of the film, Rogert Ebert lauds the film's "satire of Clint Eastwood's spaghetti Westerns" and depiction of the "search for the perfect noodle," but never once uses the term "ramen."

Tampopo may have been one of the first depictions of ramen in American pop culture, and we can't imagine a better first introduction.


10 Food Movies and Shows to Stream on Netflix Right Now — Movie Night

We've posted about what to stream on Netflix before (and before that), but, like the tides, the streaming selection is ever-changing, which means we've got a whole new batch of mouthwatering recs.

Someday, spring will come, and we can all leave the house again. Until then, here are 10 things to watch to eat up your time. Admittedly, this batch is mostly docs, but if you've got a craving for features, our previous lists have got you covered.

(Also, Babette's Feast is still not on Netflix. I know. I'm sorry.)


Celebrate Black History Month with This Instagram Potluck — Food News

February is Black History Month, and this year something delicious is brewing to celebrate. Aaron Hutcherson, an editor at Tasting Table and blogger behind The Hungry Hutch, and Meiko, blogger behind Meiko and the Dish, have put together a virtual potluck that will feature new recipes from 28 black food bloggers from around the country (that means a recipe every day).


5 Instagrammers to Follow If You’re Trying to Get Better at Meal Prep — On Trend

(Image credit: @floordeboor_fit)

You've probably heard it many times before: Meal planning is a great way to eat healthier and save money. But where do you even begin? You can buy all the nice containers you want, and understand the golden rule of meal planning, but how do you actually decide what to make for the week? Meal templates are a great place to start for planning, but if you're more of a visual person, Instagram might have what you're looking for.

A quick look through #mealprep on Instagram can be a little overwhelming. A lot of the photos are more fitness-related than actual meal inspiration. If you dig into the hashtag, however, there are some great meal prep photos that might actually be helpful. That's why I've rounded up my five favorite Instagrammers who I think have great ideas for meal prep and planning. There are some weight-loss and fitness things throughout these photos, but they're mostly of food.

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10 #MiracleMeals from Real Cooks — Kitchn on Instagram

(Image credit: @eggtartsandapplepie)

A couple weeks ago we talked about the concept of the miracle meal. These are the meals that come together with minimal stress and very few ingredients that end up being delicious and satisfying. As Meghan described it, "These are the meals that keep the love of family meals alive — especially when meal planning doesn't go as planned." They're not perfect, but they get the job done, and you end up feeling better about what you accomplished as a result.

We asked our readers on Instagram to use the hashtag #miraclemeal to show us what dish saved the day when they didn't feel like cooking. We got a ton of great ideas that we felt compelled to share. Hopefully one of these 10 ideas will inspire you when you need it most.

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