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​10 Food Photos That Look Better with the Prisma App — So Hot Right Now

(Image credit: Prisma)

Pokémon Go might be getting all the attention right now, but there's another app that's also rising in popularity that you should know about. The Prisma app was recently launched for iOS (and now running beta for Android). Basically the app lets you take any photo you have and run it through a number of beautiful, artistic filters to create your own work of art.

Of course, I had to test the new app out on some of Kitchn's photos to see the gorgeous results. Here are a few of my favorites, including the filters I love most.


Are These the Best Wedding Cakes of All Time? — Weird Food

This week the internet has been abuzz with a new trend in wedding cakes. While "naked cakes" have been all the rage the last few years, something new has been popping up from many a cake baker, and they will definitely rock your world. Enter: the geode cake.

In case you're not familiar, geodes are volcanic creations that look like normal rocks on the outside, but when you split them open, they reveal a sparkling interior. The wedding cakes you see below all use sugar rocks to get that sparkling cut into the cake. According to Refinery29, these beautiful creations are definitely not easy to make, and can take anywhere up to a week to create. Now, that's a labor of love.

Here are a few of our favorite examples of the geode cakes we've found on Instagram.


To Discover How the French Really Eat, Follow These 5 Instagrammers — Chez Soi: At Home Like the French

(Image credit: Mimi Thorisson)

Enabled by images of two-hour lunch breaks, picture-perfect farmers markets, Julia Child-approved hearty stews, baskets of bread, and pastry shops dotting every city block, it's easy to reduce French eating habits to caricature. While some of those things are prevalent (not the two-hour lunch break — that's fading fast), culinary predilections among French people today go well beyond romanticized cultural narratives.

Here, five Instagramming food lovers lend a glimpse into how the French really eat (spoiler: Veggies prevail, but so do pastries).


Your Food Through a Filter: Here’s a Look Back at June’s Grate Grilling Instagram Theme — Last Month on Instagram

(Image credit: @spiceinmydna)

Last month's Kitchn Instagram theme was "Grate Grilling." We asked you to show us all the marvelous things you put on the grill now that it's hot out, and you delivered. From interesting and new things like avocado and pound cake, to classics like burgers and hot dogs, here are a few of our favorite photos from June.


This Baker Makes the Cutest Bread You’ll Ever See — Cutesy Carbs

(Image credit: @konel_bread)

Few things are as satisfying as preparing a jaw-dropping meal. Except, perhaps, for being the lucky guest instead of the cook — or baker, in this case. These loaves of bread are so intricate, so joyful, and just so darn cute that I can't even imagine how delighted I'd be to see one sliced open in front of me.


I Tried the Top 5 Slow-Cooker Recipes on Pinterest and Here’s How It Went — The Summer Slow Cooker

(Image credit: My Natural Family)

I'm a recent convert to the slow cooker. My husband and I are going through a full home remodel and I haven't had counters, walls, or floors in my kitchen. In the past year, I've leaned heavily on this trusty kitchen appliance; you might say it's been my right-hand man (or woman, I didn't check) through the process. So when The Kitchn editors asked me to try the top five slow-cooker recipes on Pinterest, I was definitely game.


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